Supply List

 Ms. Lexie Suppy listCool


A white 1 inch 3 ring binder (with clear outer cover)

Binder pouch to fit 3 ring binder

5 Composition books

1 package of wide ruled notebook paper

10 paper theme folders with brackets--all one color--any color

Colored pencils--Crayola Twistable brand


A set of dry erase markers for student use

a set of watercolors


4 glue sticks

1 higlighter marker

1 black ink pen


40 presharpened #2 pencils

A see through ruler

A large eraser

A pencil sharpener--the kind that catches pencil shavings

4 packages of white copier paper

1 package of post-it-notes

Lysol, 409, or Clorox disinfectant wipes or spray

a pump bottle of antibacterial soap--not hand sanitizer

1 box of Kleenex

2 rolls of paper towels

A book

(This book is for reading recess during the first week of school.

You may carry this book back home after the first week.)

A $15.00 donation to the school

**Please label everything except the folders and the pencils

  with your child's name.

**Your child may carry a backpack--no wheeled backpacks please.

**Your child is allowed to keep a water bottle at his/her desk or in our classroom refrigerator.  Please label with your child's name.

**I have already purchased crayons and a pencil box for each student.

Additional classroom needs--

oil pastels          an area rug--black if possible     Expo markers     AA batteries

The following games--(found at The Turtle Shell and possibly Target)

Blockus, Rush Hour, Katamino, and Scramble Squares puzzles.