About Me

Mrs. Hamilton, Where have you been?????

I've been gone! After talking the talk for the last ten years, it was time to walk the walk! I had been talking about hands-on learning and having authentic experiences with learning for so long, it was time to take it to the streets! So we sold everything, bought a fifth wheel and took our kids on the road! We "road-schooled" for the last 2 1/2 years studying about American History in the places it happened. We stood where Paul Revere stood, we sat where George Washington sat, we walked where Sojourner Truth walked. We lived America's History and we loved learning so much and meeting so many amazing traveling families along the way. So now, here I am, back in the classroom. I have a little different view of the way learning can happen, and what students need outside the walls of the school in order to be passionate life long learners. I have a new passion for the technology that can be involved in learning as well, we did a lot of online learning in our travels. I'm excited to be back in the classroom!