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Handwriting Without Tears Rock, Rap, Tap and Learn Songs:


1. Alphabet Boogie

2. Where Do you Start Your Letters?

3. Air Writing

4. Hey! Hey! Big Line!

5. Diagonals

6. Big Line March

7. Sentence Song

8. Picking Up My Pencil

9. Vowels

10. Frog Jump Letters

11. Give it a Middle

12. Give it a Top

13. Sliding Down to the End of the Alphabet

14. CAPITALS and lowercase

15. Magic C Rap

16. Divers' Letter School

17. Descending Letters

18. Number Song

19. My Teacher Writes

20. Tapping to the ABC's


*All of the songs are from our handwriting program Handwriting Without Tears and they go along with the different lessons that we teach in the program.