About Me


Hello! Welcome!

I wanted to share a little bit about me as I hope you will share a little bit about you with me. 

The experience and skills that I bring to this class is 18 years experience in program development and in education and research.  In addition to infield training I have a Bachelors of Science Degree that concentrates in Fashion Design and Masters Degree the focus on education administration.  I also have three years of work in pursuant of a Ph.D. in which I invested extensive amount of time doing research. 

When I am not working or doing research I am living a peceful life with my partner as we experience hiking, working out, walking in the park, traveling and enjoying each others company.  Long term, I hope to own my house, have a job I especially enjoy and continue to live a peaceful life of adventures.  One day I hope to visit a foriegn country, I feel one of the greatest opportunities to learn is to pusue a space that I have never been. 

I look forward to working with all of you, I hope together we can teach other new knowledge and perhaps impact each others lives even if it is in the smallest form given the minimal time we are together.  You are very special people and I wish only true happiness for you.  If you take anything away from my class may you take with you a quote I live by "education is power, no one can take it from you and only you can put limitations on how much is obtained".  ~Miss Jay


Jacinda Lay

Lincoln Tech

General Education Instructor


Phone: 303-475-1475