12th Grade MAKE-UP WORK Hub

Below is a weekly schedule for what is due, remember that YOU are responsible for making up work. That includes projects, quizzes, tests and essays. If you do not submit your make-up work within one week of being absent it WILL REMAIN in the gradebook as a zero. For students that are present, please remember that after THREE days of the due I do NOT accept any late work, if I do it will be marked late and a zero will go in the gradebook. 

Week of September 16:

Mon. 9/16: Read "Blackheart", pages 99-108 and complete questions 1-6 in the Close Reader.

Tues. 9/17: Read "Blackheart", pages 99-108 and complete questions 7-12 and the short response in the Close Reader.

Wed. 9/18:

Thurs. 9/19:

Fri. 9/20: