U.S. Military Hub

Welcome to the U.S. Military Hub! Here you will find all the information you could ever want about each of the military branches. Air Force, Army, National Guard, Navy, Marine Corps. Coast Guard AND reserves, college ROTC AND Officer Candidate School (must have a four year degree).  This section includes information about the ASVAB, what the MEPS proccess is like, what to expect with the medical portion of MEPS, as well as all the job selections and the ASVABS scores required, height and weight requirements, fitness requirements for the first week of  basic training and fitness requirements to graduate from basic training, a weekly overview of what to expect at bootcamp, etc.


I also conduct bi-monthly ASVAB test prep study sessions after school from 3:30-7pm for students to practice or study for the ASVAB. In addition, due to my personal training background (certified master level personal trainer, nutritional consultant, sports conditioning coach, advanced personal trainer, and certified GRRRL Project Program Facilitator) and personal experience with the MEPS proccess, I offer students a conditioning program in oder to meet the fitness requirements once they ship out to basic training. The conditioning program requires a hold harmless/liablity release waiver, a medical history/ doctors medical release form, information about the students military branch goals etc. We then will take height and weight measurements, a skin fold test with calipers to measure body fat percentage and a taping of the neck, chest, waist, stomach, hips, biceps, wrists,  thighs and calves. Students will then conduct a baseline performance of a timed 1.5 mile (or less depending on fitness level), timed pushups and timed situps. Students will be shown proper form and guidelines and we will create a conditioning program for the students to work on. Students will meet afterschool once per month to update their measurements, every three months students will retake their baseline performance with the goal of a 20-50% improvement each time. Students will also be given nutrition information but NOT a diet plan. Students will be educated about calories, macronutrients and what consists of a nutritional and healthy meals, ultimately after being educated it is at the students discretion on how they approach their nutrition.  Study sessions and conditioning programs are OPTIONAL, with the conditioning program students are required to be dedicated to their workout plan and to be present at EACH of the monthly meetings, AND to make progress, failure to do so will result in students being withdrawn from the program as it requires a lot of time and effort on my part in addition to my study groups and  teaching duties both at Kendrick and at GMC, the students need to put in the work, it is a lot easier to do it now and be prepared rather  than procrastinate and learn how unprepared one really is at basic training.