Life Science Electives

Life Sciences are a jungle, allow me to be your guide!
Welcome to the home page for Mrs. Aldridge’s Science Classes.  On this web site you will find a sample of completed projects, an outline of topics and projects to be covered for each course, the classroom expectations, and links to extended activities and practice.

 Life Science Courses Available

      Intro to Environmental Relations     
     Plants and People   
     HSA /Academic Validation Program
  Life Sciences:
Where experience is the best teacher

  High School Life Sciences Survival Guide 

Dear Parents and Students,Welcome to Life Science course.  My name is Mrs. Chinwe Aldridge and I will be your “guide” through this semester.   It is my personal goal to create students who are as passionate about science as I am (or at least respect its contribution in their lives).  Before we begin our tour, I’d like to draw a few things to your attention:  

  1. Seat hours for this course mimic that of a college curse, and will require daily review on the student’s part to keep the information fresh and ensure long term success. 
  2. Utilize all of the resources provided to you and know that you will only get out of this course what you put into it. 
  3. There is a direct correlation to the amount of time given to complete an assignment and the depth of the project expected. Communication is key! Let me know about any concerns you may have before they become an obstacle to learning. 

The study of life is a jungle, allow me to be guide!