Classroom Expectations

  Classroom Expectations 

All members of our classroom community are expected to:

 Show Respect for all people and propertyShow Integrity in their work products and habits

Show Perseverance in attendance and effort

 Keys to Success

Binder P

ens/ PencilsT





Your Brain

Grading Policy

 PGCPS High School Science Grading Factors &Assignment


Class work 40%          




     Lab Prep

     Daily Evaluation

Homework 15%          

     Section Assessments

     Vocabulary Terms

Assessment 45%        

    Unit Assessments          

     Bi-weekly Quizzes          

     Laboratory Activities           


What are lesson Objectives? 

Objectives are your “shopping list",  and as you browse through the lesson be sure to pick up these items listed on the objectives.  You will need them when you get to your assessments. 

Team Contract

The Teacher    

Will come to each period prepared to administer the science curriculum in various modes of learning that will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and their multiple intelligences.

The Student

will come to each class prepared:text, paper, pens, pencils, 1 inch 3-ringed binder  w/ 5 dividerswill participate fully in each activitywill ask questions when they don’t understand.

The Parents

will provide students with all supplies for classwill

use one of the preferred methods of communication to monitor student progress 

Parents and students, please *e-mail a copy of this contract with the following sentence completed: 

I have read and understand my role as  on this team and agree to uphold my responsibilities. 

* A hard copy is also available upon request.