Community Based Instruction (CBI)



Community-based instruction is an exciting part of our program, as we leave school to practice skills in actual settings in the community. The weekly trips are tailored to the needs of the students. You will receive a notice before each trip into the community.  This school year we will be going to Goodwill to work at one of their thrift stores. When you do not want your child going on a trip, just call me at 799-1450/ext. 4084, or send in a note/write in parent-teacher communication journal. Each student is responsible for bringing money to eat out or sack lunch. Parents or Guardians will have ample notification before Community Based Instruction trips occur. 

Thanks for visiting. Pease, read the Autism Room CBI Program Expectaions below.

Community Based Instruction

Autism Program Expectations

Ms. Lillia Carley

Palo Verde High School


Community Based Instruction is an important part of the program here at Palo Verde High School. CBI is used to teach skills your child will need in order to interact appropriately with the community as well as help them generalize skills we will work on in the classroom to the “natural setting.” This program expectation is an outline of how we will be implementing our community based instruction program. 

Field Classes/Activities:

There will be many different activities that we will be participating in this year in order to meet the goals and benchmarks on your child’s IEP. All activities will be related to either vocational skills, life skills, or independent living skills. There will also be some opportunities for us to work on leisure recreational skills (as appropriate).


After reviewing the class’ IEP's, we should be able to meet everyone’s needs by going out at least four times per month. The actual day of the week will vary each school year.


I will be sending home a calendar on a monthly basis notifying you of the activities planned for the month (CBI and Best Buddies) any items the students may need for the activity, and any other pertinent information. Please, contact me as soon as possible, if you EVER have any concerns about any of the planned activities.

Student Expectations:

Students are expected to behave just as they do in the school setting. Dress code and other CCSD regulations will be enforced while in the community. Please, let me know, if you would like any more detailed information.

Parent Expectations:

The main thing you will need to do is communicate with me. It is also imperative that, if there is anything your child needs for the activity that you send it to school. As far as your participation in these activities, since they are educational in nature, it will not be required. There may be times that I will request extra help and then you are more than welcome to joins us.

Financial Information:

Since these activities are educational and part of your child’s IEP, there will be no charge for any of the CBI outings we participate in. I will ask you to help us raise funds a couple of times a year so that it doesn’t become an issue. The only money you will need to provide will be for your child’s lunch should we plan to eat off campus. You will almost always be able to provide a sack lunch instead of sending money. Please, contact me, if there are any concerns in this area.


We will be using the CCSD Shuttle Bus in order to get into the community. Please, sign the CBI Permission Slip/CCF-796  when your student brings it home and return to school as soon as possible.

This Field Trip Permit will cover all CBI Field Classes during the school year. If we participate in any Field Trips this year, another form will be required. Again, please contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 799-1450/ext. 4084, or at I look forward to an exciting year working with you and your child by using the community as our classroom.


Lilllia Carley

Special Education Teacher