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7th Grade

Earth Science

“No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety and well-being of others.”

“Do what is expected.”                       “Do the best you can.”

Linda Barnes




Welcome to 7th grade!


Expectations:     Come to class prepared with:



science binder


reading book


Grading:               Assessment points will be determined by demonstrating mastery of state standards.

                                Test                       50%

                                Daily Work          50%                                       


Desert Hills Grading Scale:           

93           A                                             77           C+

                                90           A-                                           73           C

                                87           B+                                           70           C-

                                83           B                                             67           D+

                                80           B-                                            63           D


Redoing Assignments:

On an individual basis and at the teachers discretion a test or assignment may be redone if the student did not completely master the content or skill and the student has demonstrated sincere effort to prepare for the test or assignment the first time it was given. In order to redo any assignment or test students must first submit the original work signed by a parent and requesting the redo. Steps taken to relearn or review the material must be listed with the request. Students must redo assignments on their own time, not during class time.



 Units are structured in a 3 layers. Students work through each layer by choosing from a variety of assignment choices. The C grade layer has students learning factual information. In the B grade layer students apply and manipulate the new information.  In the A layer students evaluate real world situations.