The willow setting sun God has no hand.

For the rest of the year, this small shop is not open, but it still takes care of the guests' accommodation. As for food, the merchants have to take care of themselves. The owner of the shop prepares vegetables for the merchants, and the merchants do it by themselves. It's free to live here, and the vegetables are enough. So the old merchants come to take care of themselves every winter when they pass by here, and they pay twice when they leave. The shopkeeper really made a lot of friends. His shop has no signboard, but in ordinary travel, it has an extremely resounding name, called "Meng Changju". The second day, the third day, the fourth day, Zhan Feiyu in "Meng Changju", nothing in the past, but he is not anxious, he decided to wait another day. Day 5- As usual, Zhan Feiyu drank tea from morning till night, and talked with Ding yuanyi about some anecdotes and anecdotes in Wulin. The two meals at noon and evening were in the hall, the only place for guests to eat in the shop. In the middle of the day, Zhan Feiyu and Ding yuanyi ordered some food and wine and continued their conversation. Of course, all the people inside and outside the store, staying in the hotel, and even the passers-by on the Avenue outside the door, did not escape Zhan Feiyu's sharp eyes. At this time, Zhan Feiyu is facing outward, Ding yuan hits the horizontal, the side enters the door, on a table in the left corner of the shop, the angle of this place,warehouse rack manufacturer, just can see the whole shop at a glance. In the doorway, a middle-aged man stepped in, with fierce eyebrows, fat face, big mouth, thick upper lip covering the lower lip, a short dress, two butcher knives tucked in the waist, a big belly, two fat legs,Pallet rack upright, walking less than half a foot, it seems very difficult. Especially when he took every step, his bare and shining skull, like a bead playing with a dragon, shook and looked even more ridiculous. Zhan Feiyu, who looked like a man, said unexpectedly, "It's him!" Ding yuanyi also saw it and asked Zhan Feiyu softly, "Brother Zhan, is this the famous butcher in the martial arts world, Xie Ba Kuai?" Zhan Feiyu nodded and said softly, "The goods are coming. We didn't wait wrong." The two men continued to eat and drink, their heads pressed low. "Xie took two steps into the door and looked at the shopkeeper. Then he said to the waiter who was already in front of him," The shopkeeper.. But what's good to eat? "Please sit down, my guest," said the waiter. "Is it all right? I can prepare a few kinds of country game for you. If there are too many, I can't say anything." "Then give me two catties of cooking knives and two dishes to go with the wine first!" He looked at the empty table in the center of the left side and sat down. Waiter answered to go, not long according to the order to send food and wine, "a knife to death," Xie eight pieces are carefully looking at everyone in the shop. Eyes a bright, Industrial pallet rack ,long span shelving, looking at Ding yuan fight with Feiyu, but immediately slightly shook his head. The shopkeeper just said respectfully, "My guest, please use it. If it's not enough, please say hello. There are few people. I hope you don't feel neglected. Just say hello." Said to set the food and wine, waiting to retreat! With his stubby arms, he picked up a piece of stewed pork with chopsticks and sent it to his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed it. He said to the bartender who had already taken a step, "Shopkeeper, would you like to discuss something?" Waiter turned to the ground and said respectfully, "I dare not. My guest, please tell me. It's absolutely no problem if I can do it." "I heard that your shop is only open in winter," he said. Waiter nodded. "So you don't live on this?" Yidao asked. "My guest," said the waiter, "I'm a farmer. This is just for the convenience of the merchants." "Well," he said, "can you sell me your shop? I'll do it all the year round. Isn't it more convenient for businessmen? "To tell you the truth, my guest, this is my ancestral property," said the waiter in embarrassment. "Why aren't you happy?" He said with a sharp stare. "It's not that I don't like it," said the waiter. "It's really.." "Well," he said, "since it's not that I'm not happy, I'm happy. Take it and go right away. I'll come and receive it after dinner." There were about a hundred taels of silver on the table, and the bartender was so anxious that he shook his hands and stammered, unable to speak. A knife to death, simply ignore his fault, self-care drinking, eating meat. Divine hand without phase 22, milk tiger, first cry, one knife absolutely Twenty-two, milk tiger, the first cry, a knife absolutely The shopkeeper was so anxious that he blushed and his neck was so thick that he could not speak, but Xie Ba seemed to appreciate the tone and stared at it indifferently. This kind of situation, in the eyes of the customers who drink in the shop, can arouse anger, especially those native farmers, full of the idea of watching and helping each other and not being bullied by outsiders, is very strong. At that time, there were three strong men, glaring at the "knife" Xie Ba Kuai, coincidentally stood up with a "whoosh" and went forward together. As long as the family took a look, they knew that the three of them were honest peasants, and they had no foundation in martial arts at all. Now they were going to provoke "a knife to kill" Xie Ba Piao. This was like hitting a stone with an egg, so Ding yuan would stay up as soon as he saw it. All of a sudden With a hand on his shoulder, Zhan Feiyu said, "Why don't you wait and see?" Ding yuanyi looked at Zhan Feiyu in surprise, and he wondered why Zhan Feiyu wanted these innocent people to hit a snag! Smiling, Zhan Feiyu said, "It's much more convenient to help in the dark than in the open." As soon as Ding yuan was suddenly enlightened, he smiled and thought to himself, "This is the experience of Jianghu and Wulin!" With a good conscience, leisurely, Ding yuanyi sat down, grabbed a glass of wine, and threw it back. His eyes shot out a look of eagerness to try, and his flying expression appeared on the handsome face. Nodding his head, Zhan Feiyu gave him a look of approval and encouragement! Ding yuanyi, who was full of skill and sincerity, was ready to do a good job, staring at the action of "one knife to death" Xie Ba Kuai without squinting. The sound of "sniff" was so light that it could no longer be a light laugh. There was a proud brilliance in his eyes. When Ding yuan saw the brilliance,heavy duty racking system, his face turned red, because in his eyes, he knew that he had made a big mistake again. How could he help in the dark and keep a close eye on others? Isn't this the same as being blatant? A series of Ding yuanyi got two experiences.