Monday Tuesday Wednesday ThursdayFriday 

 1 Due 27-1 question 1-16  

The times are a changing done in class  dueTuesday 

2 The times are a changing due   

Chapter 27-2 Questions 1-11 due Wed    

 3    27-2 Q. 1-11 due                             

 4  Matter cycles Crossword due in class.

27-3 due Monday

Chapter 27 review due Monday


 5  Video: Am. End. species:don't say goodbye                          

8 27-3 and 27 chapter review due

 9 Jeopardy Review for quiz

 10 Get late work in

Ecology book 2 quiz

Ecology book 2 due

Ecology Book 3 chapter 28 summaries and Land Biomes due Monday

 11 End of the quarter

Voyager Courage Retreat

 12 No school

15 Ecology Book 3 Chapter 28 summaries due & Land Biomes

 16 Biomes Projects

Section questions and answers due Tuesday for the biome being done

Open assignment quiz on summary assignment

 17Biomes Projects 18Biomes Projects 19Biomes Projects

22  Last day on biomes project

Evaluation of Group Member form handed out

 23  Evaluations due

Presentations begin

Note taking Assignment handed out for presentations

 24  No school


Turkey Day


Recovery Day

29 Finish Presentations

Complete Note taking assignment on presentations

 30  Video Conserving Wetlands

Biomes quiz moved to Wednesday