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 1   Biome Quiz Today Beginning Classification Book

 2 Classification Book Reading Assignment Part 1 pg 105-112 Q. 1-3, Part 2 pg 113-119 Q. 1-3 DUE 3 Classification Book Reading Assignment Part Part 3 pg 119-122 Q. 1-3 DUE  

 6 Classification Introduction Assignment and Making a Classification System due both are in the Gold Classification book

7  Shape Island and Identifying (except Follow up #2) Vertebrates using a Dichotomous key (all except Picking an organism to find the classification of) due both in Gold Classification book

 8  Classification quiz.  Classificaton of Life Internet Activity sites 1-4 due.  In the Classification Gold book.  Finish # 2 of Followup for Shape Island, Last part of Id. V. using a D. Key, Norno activity

 9   Cell Division Video

 10  Gold Classification Book Due  All parts except the dragons of Nitram should be completed

New stapled Packet on Cell Growth, Cell Reproduction and Mitosis  pages 11-14 worked on


 13 Continued work on pages 11-14

Announced quiz on Wednesday

 14  Last day for web searches pp 11-14 plus Phenylkentonuria search

Went over quiz objectives

 15 Cell Division, Cell Reproduction, Mitosis Quiz

Homework time after quiz

 16 Packet due pp 3-5, 11-14 also turn in Cell Division Video questions Phenylkentonuria websearch

 17  DNA -The double helix due Monday

*except period 1 students

 20 DNA double helix due

 21  DNA Quiz

Website: DNA extraction


DNA homework turn in;

DNA Double Helix,

Chapter 25 DNA section 4,

DNA:The master molecule of Life (video),

DNA crossword.

Lab DNA extraction

 23  No School 24  No school