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3rd In GENETICS BOOKLET PAGES 5, 6, AND 7.  Due Tuesday

 4th  PAGES 5, 6, AND 7.  Due

Work on pages 12-18

 5th  Work on pages 12-18

Assign pages 8-11 due Friday

 6th  Work on pages 12-18 due Friday

Assign pages 23 -26 due Friday


Pages 8-11,12-18, 23-26 due by end of period

 Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Genetic / Video


Genetic Quiz 

After quiz introduce topic oh human body. 

View video on circulatory system

 12th  Homework turn in: Genetics Book pp 5-18,23-26, Fun with Punnett squares   

View video on circulatory   system    


 14th Hamna Body Basics and Heart Diagram turned in

View video on digestive  system    



pp. 5 and 6 and the page for the system you are doing is due.

Group work on power point presentation

 19th  All Groups logged into projects folder and completed several power point slides for presentation

Start viewing Nervous System Video

 20th Finished video.  Assigned packet of review diagrams Due Friday

Worked on Powerpoint Presentation

 21st Nervous System Video packet due.

Worked on Powerpoint Presentation



Skeletal muscular system


Worked on Powerpoint Presentation


No school