Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations
I have never been a "rigid" rules-person, so I find my classroom expectations to be very reasonable.  Here is what I'm expecting of my 7th graders:
This is the most important rule in my classroom.  It is crucial for all of us to respect each other's thoughts, opinions, and belongings.  Since there will be many times this school year where we will be partaking in classroom discussions, it is key that we respect what others say.  Though at times you may not always agree with what one of your classmates says, please be courteous and find a mature way to voice your opinion.  Also, please be respectful of each others' belongings.  Unless given permission by your classmate to touch his or her things, keep your hands to yourself.
Since we are going to be together for the next 9 months, it is important that we all try our best to keep positive attitudes.  I know we all have bad days, but please handle them in healthy ways.  If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed and just need someone with whom to talk, please come talk to me.  I am your teacher, but first and foremost, I am here as a mentor.  Please don't ever hesitate to seek my advice.
Another expectation of mine is that all of you try your best.  No matter how short the assignment or how difficult some material may seem, please try your best and be the best student that you be.  Take pride in your school work and always strive for that "A."  I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement, so I will allow you to re-do a particular assignment as many times as you would like until you receive the grade that you want.