Supplies for Third Grade

School Supplies

  • Crayons                                                                           
  • markers
  • Mini pencil sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • 15 pencils
  • Plastic pencil box to hold all of the above
  • 2 composition notebooks
  • 2 gallon size heavy duty zip close bags
  • 1 pkg index cards
  • 200 pencils to be kept in school to be used as needed
  •  Flash Drive


Home Supplies

                                    Let’s start great habits!!!!!

*      A well lit work area

*      A comfy place to read

*      A place to put homework bag

v     Pencils and pens

v     Pencil sharpener

v     Scissors

v     Glue

v     Construction paper

v     Crayons

v     Markers

v     highlighter

v     Ruler

v     A timer or digital clock (to be kept in reading area)

v     Addition and subtraction flash cards (Sept. – Dec.)

v     Multiplication cards (January)


Homework will be given nightly Monday – Thursday.  Reading is expected every night including weekends.  All assignments will be written in the planner.  In addition, there will be several long term monthly projects through out the year.


Looking ahead….Save some great stuff like photos, stickers, ticket stubs… because your child will be decorating a composition notebook in  early September.



Mrs. Bullock's Supply List 2011