Social Networking

Social Networking

Social Networking is an online platform that is used by people to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.  Some common social networking sites are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Snapchat.



Facebook is a social networking website and service where users can interact with other users.  Users may share photos and information, chat online, stream videos, and basically keep in touch with relatives and friends. 

  • Don't ask a stranger to become your friend without explaining who your are and the reason for becoming a friend.
  • Send invitation once.  If they don't accept, do not hound them.  They do not want to be your friend and continuing to ask them is not going to change their mind.
  • Don't post uncomplimentary pictures. You would not want an unflattering photo of you rooming the internet, neither do your friends.
  • You don't need to accept every friend request.  If someone makes you comfortable, you do not have accept their request.  Remember it is your account.
  • Don't use Facebook to market a product.  Use a different account or website to market a product.
  • Don't link Facebook to Twitter.  Too much information going to too many different places.  



LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.  It allows users to connect with other professionals, look through posted job openings, and have an online resume among other features. 

  • Don't ask strangers to connect with you to use their list of connections. 
  • Don't invite members to join group outside their field of expertise.
  • Don't ask for recommendation from a connection you don't know well.
  • Don't make a connection to send a sales pitch.
  • Complete a full and accurate profile.



Twitter is a micro-blog limited to 140 characters allowing users are to communicate with others.  It is often used to communicate information quickly to a group of people.   

  • Learn slang and tags.
  • Spell properly and minimize abbreviations.
  • You don't have to follow your followers.
  • Don't promote yourself or product all the time, mix in relevant and interesting content.
  • Don't ask for your information to be retweeted.
  • Don't use as a conversation tool.  Use direct message instead.
  • Show some emotion - Use emoticons.



Snapchat is an image messaging application allowing people to send and receive messages, pictures, and videos directly to their phone.   Although the images disappear within a span of 10 seconds, the image can be recorded by simply taking a screenshot of the message. Dubbed the "sexting app" and having messages deleted within a short time frame has caused concern for many parents since there is no way to monitor their child's use of the application.  The website has information for parents about various available phone applications.