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Grow Your Vocabulary

Daily Buzzword: 

Knowing words such as additional, example, and typical will enhance your ability to read, communicate, and learn. Below, I have included a list of high-frequency vocabulary words (words we need to understand the meaning of in context). After the list, I have added a fun link for a daily new vocabulary word. I would encourage you to take a couple of minutes each day to grow your vocabulary.


Image result for cartoon buzzing bees                                                                        Image result for cartoon buzzing bees

additional, event, region, agreeable, examine, repair, argue, example, ridiculous, arrange, experience, scar, assist, fatal, scatter, attract, flexible, shiver, careless, furious, signal, cause, gathered, similar, climate, gist, slumber, coast, infer, solution, compare, intelligent, starve, construct, invitation, stumble, continent, irritate, tackle, contrast, marine, tentacle, credit, mend, typical, culture, multiply, unite, dangle, nervous, unusual, defend, occur, valuable, describe, opposite, vehicle, details, passage, volunteer, develop, patient, diagram, peer, disappointed, persuade, division, pleasant, effect, prank, elect, predict, purpose, endangered, recognize

Choose the link below to learn a new word. I look forward to seeing you use this new word in your writing!



Get 2 Months for $5!