Fifth Grade Discipline Policy

Surprised5th Grade Discipline PolicyEmbarassed 


No Pencil5 Minutes from recess
No Homework~Students will call home if they miss 2 hw assignments in a row.10 Minutes from recess for each assignment and 20% off of the grade if turned in the following day. After the second day, a zero will be given for that assignment.
Forgetting Books or Class FolderForget in HR ~ go get it and give 10 minutes at recess.Forget at home ~ All of recess will be taken away.
Not Standing When RequiredThe amount of the original punishment time on the fence will be doubled.
Talking During Instruction Time, Including Horseplay1st Offence ~ Verbal Warning2nd Offence ~ 10 Minutes No Recess3rd Offence ~ 20 Minutes No Recess4th Offence ~ No Recess and Parents may be Contacted. (this includes related arts and cafeteria behavior marks)
Throwing in ClassThis will result in cleaning the room you were in at the time of throwing an object.
Going to Bathroom during Instructional TimeTime missed during instructional time will be spent on fence, a minimum of 5 minutes.(Please use bathroom facilities between classes to avoid this infraction!)