Alcohol Abuse and brain damage in infants

Definiton: Giving a child a brain damage called "Fetal Alcohol Sydrome" because a mother abuses alcohol while pregnant.

Alcohol is sometimes the reason for a lot of children brain damages or defect. When a women drinks during her pregnancy is could give her child a birth defect or developmental disabilities. Alcohol is the actual leading cause of prentable birth defect.  Babies who are exposed to alcohol can develop FASDs (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). This discease can cause phyiscal, behavioral, and learning problems. 


Some things that happen to a child nervous system when alcohol is abused during pregnacy

  • Poor coordination or balance
  • Intellecutal disability, learning disorder, and delayed development
  • Poor memory
  • Trouble with attention and processing information
  • Difficulty with reasoning and problem-solving
  • Difficulty identifying consequences of choices
  • Poor jugdement skills
  • Jitterness and hyperactivity
  • Rapidly changing mood 

Things that happen to childeren behavior wise:

  • Difficulty in schools
  • Trouble getting along with others
  • Poor social skills
  • Trouble adapting to changing or switching from one task to another
  • Problems with behavior and impulse control
  • Problems concept of time
  • Problems staying on task
  • Difficulty planning or working towards a goal