Topic: How can physical abuse cause brain damage?

Define Brain Damage.

Injury to the brain that impairs its functions, especially permanently.

Define physical abuse.

Physical abuse is any intentional act causing injury or trauma to another person or animal by way of bodily contact.

List different ways physical abuse could lead to brain damage

  • Many abusive and neglectful parents have had little exposure to positive parental models and supports.
  • There is often a greater degree of stress in the family environment.
  • Information-processing disturbances may cause maltreating parents to misperceive or mislabel their child's behavior, which leads to inappropriate responses.
  • There is often a lack of awareness or understanding of developmentally appropriate expectations.

List information of recovery from brain damage of physical abuse

  • Penetrating injuries are caused when a foreign object (such as a bullet, knife, or blunt object) pierces the skull. This type of injury causes focal damage, limited to the specific parts of the brain that lie along the path that the object travels.
  • Closed head injuries occur from blows to the head that do not fracture the skull, or from severe shaking. They can cause both localized damage and diffuse or widespread damage, due to bleeding, and to stretching, tearing and swelling of brain tissue – which can continue to damage the brain for hours or days after they originally occur. A DV victim can suffer a closed head injury when her partner hits her on the head with an object, smashes her head against a wall, pushes her downstairs or violently shakes her.
  • Cutting off oxygen, as happens in strangulation, also injures the brain.

Three pictures that represent a physical abuse and brain damage.

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