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Topic: How can child neglect cause brain damage?

Define brain damage.injury to the brain that impairs its functions, especially permanently


Define physical child neglect.Neglect is defined as the failure, refusal or inability on the part of a caregiver, for reasons other than poverty, to provide necessary care so as to seriously endanger the physical health of the child.


List ways child neglect could lead to brain damage.Child abuse and neglect can “rewire” the nascent brain, scientists have
found, which may lead to psychological problems throughout adulthood.The abuse-related brain damage appears to foster such problems as adult aggressiveness, depression, anxiety and even memory and attention impairment.
The report confirms smaller studies showing that the brain “rewires” itself in
response to trauma.


List recent information about the effects of child neglect on the brain.Image result for list recent information about the effects of child neglect on the brain


Three pictures that represent how child neglect cause brain damage.

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Brain Damage and Concussions - YouTube




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