Why I (Want To) Teach

At some point in our lives we all take on the role of a teacher, given the opportunity to pass on what we know to others and consequently the ability impact the life of another person.  It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I was able to grasp the importance of fostering the potential within each child and educating our future generations. As a result, I have recognized the value that I place on certain intrinsic and extrinsic rewards associated with the teaching field.  Benefits such as summer and holiday vacation, intellectual and personal growth, and hopes of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others have helped to solidify my desire to become a teacher. 

            Being a parent has opened my eyes to many newfound joys of life.  I feel privileged to have been actively engaged in my children’s lives as they have grown.  Research shows that parental involvement with a child’s education is significantly beneficial in establishing a strong foundation for academic success.  As a teacher, the schedule will allow me to continue providing consistent support in the development and education of my own children.  The daily work schedule will enable me to be home after school to help my children with their homework and to participate in discussions about what they are learning.   Additionally, the summer and holiday vacations that teachers get will permit me to be with my kids when they are not in school, creating memories and enjoying quality time together. 

Although I have not always wanted to become a teacher, I have always enjoyed school and had an insatiable love for learning.  I believe that every individual has the potential to be a lifelong learner.  As we go through life with an open mind, we can make new discoveries and expand our knowledge about the world around us.  Becoming a teacher gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day about the students and material that I am teaching.  I want to convey to my students that we all can all learn from one another and we can learn together, regardless of age or background.  As a consequence of the extensive advancements in technology and the vast degree of diversity within classrooms, opportunities for learning are all around us.  As a teacher, I hope to inspire this same intrinsic curiosity in my students that will stay with them throughout their lives.

            Teachers are responsible for educating and challenging the minds of children while also nurturing and cultivating their social development.  How children view themselves, relate to, and interact with others, will help prepare them for what lies ahead.  Through laying the groundwork, teachers help to create an unobstructed road for success. As a teacher I aim to encourage personal growth by creating a positive environment to build self-esteem, foster relationships, and build character.  I hope to have an irrevocable impact on the lives of children, encouraging them to accept and embrace their differences and to love themselves and one another.  I want to teach each child the value of setting goals and instill confidence in their ability to work hard to achieve them.   Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”  I believe that when a teacher makes a difference in the life of a child, that legacy of learning far surpasses the classroom walls. 

Becoming a teacher supports the values and lessons taught to me as a child from my own parents. They taught me that regardless of what profession I choose, if I am doing what I find rewarding, the effects of those rewards will be evident through the lives that I touch. For me, teaching is about more than knowledge, it’s about passion.  Being passionate about what you are doing helps you to achieve any goal that you set for yourself and drives you to inspire and encourage others to do the same.