Resume for Ms. Diaz de la Vega

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5228 Tropicana                   Phone (915)252-0372

                                                                                                                                                                        El Paso, TX 79924               Email:

Lizette I. Diaz de la Vega_________________________________ ____    

Objective                 To find an opportunity that will allow me to demonstrate that I am a hard working individualwho is anxious to increase my knowledge, and gain experience as a new member of your team.      

Education                08/16/04-5/25/07        Andress High School


                                ° High School diploma

                                08/08-05/09               EPCC, El Paso, TX

                                08/10-Currently attending           University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX

                                ° Bilingual Education

Work Experience     08/01/2006-02/11/2007                                Chuck E. Cheese (915)590-1888

                                Job Title: Birthday Host                              El Paso, TX

                                 06/06/2007-01/12/2008                                Village Inn (915)779-5363

                                Job Title:  Hostess                                      El Paso, TX

                                12/01/2008-06/05/2008                                Clardy Elementary (915)887-4040

                                Job Title:  Kindergarten tutor (seasonal)      El Paso, TX

                                11/01/2010-01/01/2011                                GameStop (915)775-0346

                                Job Title:  Sales associate (seasonal)           El Paso, TX

Volunteer Work         08/2007

                                          Guadalupe Church

                                          Task:  Helping file paper work in the Churches office.


                                         Campaign for State Representative

                                         Task:  I helped campaign for Naomi Gonzales election when she was running for El Paso, TX state representative.


                                        Carnival At Scottsdale Elementary

                                        I helped take care of one of the stands in the carnival to help the school fundraise money for the students extra- cirricular activities.

References              Ms.  Mejia                                                 (915)346-8827

                                      Relationship:  I use to  tutor for her kindergarten class at Clardy Elementary.

                                      Mrs.  Sepulveda                                       (915)203-9563

                                      Relationship:  I use to tutor for her kindergarten class at Clardy Elementary as well.