My Educational Philosophy

I believe that the children are the seeds

I believe that the children are the seeds and each one is special and unique and capable of making a difference in this world.  If you want to make a difference in this world you have to start with the seeds, and each child is just a seed waiting to explore and learn and discover their purpose in this world.  I once was that seed and thanks to meaningful experiences with educators I have met,  I also want to do the same and genuinely help each child grow and learn, and become the best at what ever path they choose to take.

Guide them well on their journey to knowledge

Each classroom each year has a completely different group of students, and each one unique and diverse in culture with different learning abilities and capabilities.  This gives me an opportunity to get to know each, and every one of them, and find their strengths ,and weaknesses, and help them with any obstacle they are facing.  I will try my best to catch their interest and teach several learning strategies for whichever one works best for them.  I will not give up or let one go because everyone has the possibility to learn and it is my genuine interest to do that with each child.  My classroom is a caring community of learners in which we all help and teach each other not only do I teach but the students teach me as well, and before they move on to the next grade, I want to make that impact on them that they can do anything so that they can join the world and become successful active members of their society.

Build their self-worth they always had deep down inside, and never stop being that special guide.

My classroom will be loving, fun, and safe, and a home away from home in which they all learn and grow together along with me as I get to know each and every one of them.  I will allow children to have fun and discover things on their own by providing hands on activities, provide dramatic play, and incorporate several instructional strategies to reach every child’s different learning style. I will always have in mind the goal of progress.  I will not mind providing each child with a portfolio to spend time with each individual child, and not only correct them on their mistakes but also show off how proud I am of their accomplishments in the classroom throughout the year.  While they are in my class they will build that self-efficacy in the subjects they might not have been the most strong in but we will accomplish this together as a community in which we all help, and believe in each other.

Spending time with each and every lovable child brings the inner child of every teacher out

I want my relationship with my colleagues, the parents, and the administrators to be a positive collaboration of what we all want which is best for the children, best for the seeds, because as I have grown to learn many different children this career is the most dignifying and rewarding career a person can be blessed with, and I always look forward to making that difference in a child’s life.

Lizette Diaz de la Vega