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Helpful Links

Art Sonia

 Students and Parents can select their school to view the newest uploaded work from students in every grade! 

Matisse for Kids

This site introduces you to the art and life of Henri Matisse and even allows you to create your own Matisse-inspired artwork.

Jackson Pollock

Create paint splash art using your mouse!

Collage Machine
Located at the National Gallery of Art website, this game allows you to create collages from many different pictures and colors.
Crayola Kids
Here you will find many online art activities and coloring pages to print.
Smithsonian for Kids
Here is another site with many games based on art, science and history.
SmART Kids
This site is designed for students ages 7-12 to discover how to look at, think about, and respond creatively to art.
Tate Gallery-London, England - Imaginary City
At this website, you can create your own city by selecting the scenery, buildings and even color.
Getty Games
Here is another museum site with fun interactive art games. Play the Detail Detective, Matching Game, Switch , and Puzzles using popular artworks from the Getty Museum.
Museum of Modern Art - Art Safari
This website explores the theme of animals in art.
Artist's Toolkit - Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Learn all about the elements and principles while having fun using artwork from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. You can also create your own artwork here.
Albright Knox Art Games
This site contains many fun games that teach you to make and learn about art.
This is a large site with many games and activities including making your own action figures, Western art, portrait making, and landscape painting.
Inside Art
Here you can study a painting as an art historian would. This interactive Website takes you on an adventure into a painting. 
Get 2 Months for $5!