Stainless Steel pipes

Steel pipes play a very important role in many industries. These are used to transfer many substances to and fro. These pipes are required to be durable and also corrosion-free. These pipes are very versatile and can be used as lightweight and heavyweight.

Any plumber would recommend you a stainless steel pipe for your shower, tap etc.

Steel pipes are made up of various materials like Black Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless steel.

1. Black steel pipes- These pipes are made up of steel which is not galvanized.

● This steel becomes scaly due to the coating of iron oxide on its surface.

● Scales are formed due to heating and forging.

● Black steel pipes are used as line pipes in the oil and petroleum industry, water Wells for the transportation of water and gas and sewage purposes.

2. Carbon steel pipes- These pipes are very durable and made up of low cost.

● these pipes are used where high heat is subjected​and can buy from manufacturers of carbon steel in India. Most manufacturers of carbon steel offer A106 Grade BA333 Grade 6, and A53 Grade B.


3. Mild steel pipes- These pipes are the most common pipes used. These are made up of around 0.20% carbon, so these are neither ductile nor brittle.

● These have poor tensile properties in comparison with high carbon and alloy steel pipe.


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● These pipes are coated with other metals like copper to protect them from corrosion.

● These pipes are used for structural purposes as well as general engineering purposes.

● These are also used for drinking water supply.

4. Alloy steel pipes- These pipes contain elements other than carbon such as nickel, chromium, silicon, manganese and many more.

● These are highly proficient steel pipes.

● These are used extensively in industrial or domestic purposes.

● These are very economical, and the performance level is also very high for these pipes.

● These are highly used in the oil and gas industries.

● These are the most trusted pipes used.

● Leading manufacturers of alloy steel pipes in India offerproducts such as A335 P11A335 P22A335 P5A335 P9. 

Advantages of stainless steel in professional kitchens

In kitchens all over the world, stainless steel is one of the elements that are mostly used to make equipment and utensils of various kinds. This material offers a series of undoubted advantages to all people who choose to introduce it in their kitchen.

1) Easy to clean

Stainless steel is an element that does not transmit flavours to food does not deteriorate and is easy to clean in any situation. The stainless steel cabinets, for example, are an ideal choice for storing equipment and tools but also easy to clean and durable.

2) Long-lasting

This element has a long life, and therefore allows its purchase to be absorbed over time. Resistance to rust, stains and acid corrosion are some of its features that make it ideal for use in the kitchen when preparing food.