Heroes of Buried Sword

"Click!" The snake spear that destroyed the Tang Dynasty was broken by the Longyin spear. His snake spear was just taken by him at random in the chaos. I don't know which ordinary soldier used it. He used it as if he were holding a straw.  The soldiers who were gradually attracted to him formed the shape of a tornado, and the tornado kept circling, and Shao Yun could no longer see the figure of the Tang Dynasty. He knew that Mie Tang was working hard. In just a moment, Mie Tang would deliver a fatal blow. Wushanpu was known as the most profound martial arts in Wulin. Even if Kuangshanke had only a little success in the past, it was already very powerful. What's more, Mie Tang had learned all the martial arts on Wushanpu? Shao Yun did not dare to neglect, he also secretly carried all the internal force, all the internal strength gathered on the Longyin gun. Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! A strong wind hit Shao Yun, the soldiers around him have been under the leadership of Li Ba, left for a long time, Shao Yun at this time has no worries, he just watched the change of Tang's body shape in the flying sand and stones, hoping to find a flaw. Boom! The tornado that destroyed the Tang Dynasty struck like lightning. Shao Yunlong's gun swept away. As soon as he touched the edge of the tornado, he and his horse bounced several feet away. Escort! Escort! Li Shimin's Xuanjia army had killed the obstacles of Muhuali and went straight to Li Jing's troops. Li Shimin and Wu Anguo were blocked by Muhuali, with only a hundred guards around them. They were surrounded by the rest of Muhuali's military forces. Shao Yun listens to "escort!" Two words, know that Li Shimin encountered an attack, hurriedly to Li Shimin before the direction of the array, but where there is Li Shimin's figure? Only Wei Zheng and others looked around anxiously. Distinguish the position again, just determined the position of Li Shimin,hot tub spa manufacturers, hurried to urge the horse to go. Wu Anguo was entangled by Muhua Li. A dark Turkic army surrounded Li Shimin in the middle. Li Shimin was in imminent danger. The command flag of the dragon head waved again. Zhe Bie came alone. The arrow was pulled on the string and was about to shoot at Li Shimin. Wu Anguo was stunned and frightened: "Your Majesty, be careful!" With a sudden push, he pushed Muhua Li away and rushed to the front of Li Shimin. Zhe other that arrow still shot out, although he was very reluctant to do so, but put the arrow to kill Li Shimin, that is the command from Shuaiqi, he had to do so. Looking at Zhe's other arrows flying, Li Shimin was already dumbfounded, thinking that he would die here, and secretly shouted in his heart: "My life is over!" Unexpectedly, Wu Anguo felt that he had just blocked the arrow for him. "Poof!" Wu Anguo's armor was pierced by a magic arrow, followed by a stream of blood, China spa factory ,outdoor whirlpool tub, Wu Anguo knew that he could not block more bows and arrows for Li Shimin, hurriedly gathered more than a hundred pro-guards, half of the troops escorted Li Shimin retreat, half of the troops with him after the break, "General Wu!" When Li Shimin saw Wu An constantly spurting blood in his mouth, he knew that Zhe Bie's arrow had shot into Wu An's heart. Shao Yun came to Li Shimin and swept away Temujin out of the circle. It's really my Zhao Zilong! The arrival of Shao Yun made Li Shimin escape successfully. Chapter 119: The Wind and Cloud Change,Chinese spa manufacturer, Samsung Return [Number of Words in this Chapter: 4027 Latest Update Time: 2012-05-31 15:04: 34.0] When Li Shimin saw that Shaoyun was free to come and go in the millions of troops and saved his life at a time of crisis, he could not express his praise for Shaoyun in his heart. He only said, "He is really my son Long!" 。 monalisa.com