A new casino game in the summer of 2021

New best Bitcoin internet casinos available in Australia enthusiasts are always looking for new games, and it makes sense. After all, who wouldn't want to try a game that offers new adventures and different betting opportunities than what's already going on? Gamers will be happy and satisfied to discover Bloody Brilliant. It's a new summer 2021 game that has created a furor in online casinos. What is it all about? What are its features and how does it work? Find out without further ado.

Introducing Bloody Brilliant.

Bloody Brilliant is a game signed by Evoplay Entertainment. It is a 5x3 online slot machine that has many features that allow players to achieve the game's goal of finding the thief.

In its latest release (June 24, 2021), the provider transports players to East London. The city is saturated with criminals and gangsters, all equally shady. So we must investigate and catch the man responsible for the thefts specified in the game.

Bloodiest Shiny.

Evoplay Entertainment put small plates in big ones to make sure that this game will be different from others that already exist. Here's how it equipped it with its state-of-the-art Spinential engine. The latter provides much faster loading than other slots; We're talking x10 speeds.

In addition, its interface is improved and players can use the autospin feature and have access to game history while exploring winning rounds.

Characteristics of Bloody Brilliant

There are many features in the game. There is a casino welcome bonus field on the reels ; each gem or thief symbol that lands in said field can trigger a bonus. When activated, the Thief symbol activates the Golden Frame. This is a feature in which each corresponding symbol receives a gold frame; they will then be replaced by other symbols to create winning combinations.

The Jewel symbol activates the Jewel Hunt, and identical symbols on the reels will be stolen. When a player is lucky enough to see a multiplier equal to the number of symbols stolen, his winnings are multiplied by that number.

When players get a False Stone, it activates the free spins feature. They get 10 free spins, which will allow them to go into a game in which they must steal symbols: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts respectively in four different stages. If all stages are successfully completed, players will receive a multiplier of x500.