Educator Who Still Loves Teaching


Started public school education career in Los Angeles; ended "it " Cool in Clayton County, GA

Been at it awhile before decided to take "early retirement..."

Had a challenging, sometimes, best of times in teaching 

Initiated one of the first roundtable discussions -before special education- "back 'n the day" at University of Southern California 

Had pleasure of becoming a PHI DELTA KAPPAN - USC; 1st woman - Latina/Black; a PDK a # of years Kiss

Pepperdine University Graduate  

Beautiful experience having opp to teach on Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage AK (That is one district "leaves no child behind...") 

Passionale about oral and written expression; MADE my students do it "right..."Cool

Never & I say -never- a negative, insulting word, discouraging word to my students - loved teaching & was real good at it