Just a Few of My Favorite Things

Artistic: love interior design (always decorating, re-purposing furniture, picture frames, etc) fabrics (love re-purposing fur & leather)

aka Ms. GoodWill Huntings (love to thrift - very relaxing for me) Cool

Jiggie with stainless steel:  appliances, fans, light switches, designer grey on the walls, 

Now:  Realtionship Coach; writer; academic paper editor; online radio host; blog creator; graduate student in teaching/learning w/ technology - loving it! Love instrucional technology! Best thing happened for kids! (teachers, too) Tongue out

Love to FACE BOOK; Tweet; Blog - social networker!

Post my writings on:  http://www.shortstorypublishinghouse.com

Blog:  http://copenhagenletters.blogsot.com

Twit:  http://www.twitter.com/cdaman4reel

Take pics of my 5lb toothless dog who thinks he's a very big dog

Passionate about the care of animals & CHILDREN  Laughing

Paasionalte about living truthfuly, productively, prosperously, healthy & lovingly

host of: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/atlantatooliveradio   

Mentor young males 19 - 21; former students 

 2 dogs