Snack List

               SNACK LIST 2012 -2013

*Week of September 10                      Nicole       

*Week of Sept17                                Elianna      

Week of Sept 24                                Ian            

Week of October 1                            Madilyn      

Week of October 8                            Noah         

Week of October15                            Sara          

Week of October 22                           Dylan        

*Week of October 29                           Maura       

*Week of November 5                         Trevor     

*Week of November12                        Alexis       

Week of November 19                      Naomi   

Week of November 26                         Addison     

Week of December 3                          Arpi         

Week of December 10                        Joseph     

* Week of December 17                     Emmaline  

Week of January 2                             Adrianna    

Week of January 7                             Harry        

* Week of January 14                         Kenneth    

Week of January 21                           Maura        

Week of January 28                           Elianna      

Week of February 4                           Ian            

* Week of February 11                       Madilyn      

Week of February 18                          Alexis        

Week of February 25                         Trevor        

Week of March 4                               Nicole        

Week of March 11                             Joseph       

*Week of March 18                            Dylan         

Week of April 1                                 Harry         

*Week of April 8                               Naomi        

Week of April 15_                             Noah          

Week of April 22                               Sara           

Week of April 29                               Kenneth      

*Week of May 6                                 Arpi           

Week of May 13                                Addison       

Week of May20                                 Emmaline    

*Week of May 27                               Adrianna     

Week of June 3      Summer Birthdays


* indicates child’s birthday week...If there is something special you want to bring in for a child's birthday, please let me know. We love celebrating birthdays!

Each week, someone will be assigned to bring in snack. Everyone will recieve a snack list when it's their child's turn. Check the list of appropriate snacks and drinks. On the list, there is a box where I will place  a checkmark for which supplies or paper products we are in need of for the week as well. If your child is going to be absent during snack week, please have them  bring it in when they return. Please bring enough snack and drink for the number of days your child attends school. We have 18 children on Mon, Wed and Friday. Currently, we have 7 children on Tues and Thursday. If you need to change your snack week, please let me know.

During snack week, your child will be the star student of the week which includes being the line leader, getting to sit in the special bean bag chair, helping with calendar and helping pass out napkins.

We ask that you avoid bringing in products with nuts or peanut butter. Thank you for your cooperation.

  **As of 9/13,Our entire school and playground is now a PEANUT- FREE ENVIRONMENT. We ask that you DO NOT bring in any food items or candies that contain nuts or peanut butter. Please try to make it a habit of checking labels as well when it is your snack week because some products contain nuts or traces of nuts. Again, thank you for your cooperation.