Our schedule

                                                                           9:05-9:30 playground/gym....(weather permitting)

                                                                           9:30-10:10 free play and centers

                                                                           10:20-10:40 handwash and snack

                                                                          10:40-11:00 circle time:including calendar, songs and story

                                                                           11:00-11:45 art/looking quietly at books when done

           11:50:12 Noon wrapping up the day activities  and dismissal  (We will dismiss from our classroom.)

We ask all parents /guardians to wait out in the hallway as we dismiss the children one by one.

Please have your child get their belongings and make sure that you check the mailbox.

* There has been an change in our schedule. After outdoors play, we begin our free play and center time, then wash our hands and have our snack. the rest of the schedule remains the same. cheeky