Our 24 hour sick policy

    Please remember in order to protect your child from illness, as well as others, we ask that you please  keep your child home when he/she does not feel well.  We insist that your child is well 24 hours before they can return to school. Please keep them home for 24 hours if they have ANY of the following:




                                                     unidentified rashes or untreated rashes

                                                     sore throat, swollen glands

                                                     excessive green or yellow nasal discharge

                                                     pink eye(redness, itchiness, green or yellow discharge from eyes, puffiness)

                                                     persistent cough

                                                     head lice

If a child becomes ill at school, we will call you and have you pick him/her up at once. If a child is sent home sick, they need to be healthy for 24 hours before returning.

This 24 hour policy will help stop the spread of germs through our school. We want to keep everyone well. We dilgently try to keep our rooms germ free by wiping areas with disinfectant, taking home toys and play things to be washed and disinfected and spraying Lysol at the end of the day on door handles and around the room. We also have air purifiers in each room and we do have the rooms professionally cleaned as well. We also have the children practice handwashing. We thank you for your cooperation.  Please feel free to revisit our handbook, which clearly states our policy.

If your child will be absent for more than 1 day, or if he/she contracts a contagious disease, please call the school and let us know!

                                                 Lori Marchant and Mrs. Sowarby