News Letters

April 22, 2013

Some of the books we read this week have been:

Seed to Plant

Just a Wrapper

Our Class is Going Green

I Love My Mama

Me and My Mom

Mommies are for counting stars

Songs: we are currently practicing songs for our Graduation


On Monday, Mrs. Kalafala and I started outside on the playground.  When we got inside, I read the book Seed to Plant first, then since it was Earth Day  the children each planted a bean seed with Mrs. Kalafala .We talked about things that a plant needs to grow such as soil, air, sun light, water and that the root grows down and the plant grows upward. We read 2 books about Earth Day and recycling. We discussed ways to keep our Earth clean. In art, we made a litter bag to take home.

Wow! I cannot believe we are almost in the month of May already! I guess the saying that time flies when you are having fun is very true! We have been working on Mother’s day gifts this week and it is a surprise so I can’t really go into detail about our art projects without giving too much away! I can say the children have been working very hard and I am sure you will enjoy your special gifts! We will continue working on gifts next week as well.



Special thanks to Dr. Sheedy and her helpers for FREE eye screenings on Wednesday!


PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES are Monday, April 29th.beginning at 8:00am. There is No regular class on that day. There will be childcare offered after 9:00am during your conference time. Please arrive on time!


Apple Blossom Day Carnival and Block Party is May 11th Saturday and we are in need of help. If you are able to help out, PLEASE sign up on the sheet outside our door. We would appreciate ANY help we can get, for this is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year! Every penny we make helps benefit the school! Thank you!

Looks like May is going to be a very busy month! More to follow soon.


April 15, 2013

Some of the books we read this week have been:

The Magic School Bus

Miss Smith Under the Ocean

Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Clifford and the Big Storm

Green Eggs and Ham

The Rainbow Fish

This week we have been focusing on favorite books and authors.

Monday was picture day and Kevin the photographer did  a great job capturing all of our smiles, as always! Everybody looked so nice! We worked on drawing a self portrait, writing our names and finishing our number books!

On Tuesday, We listened to many Pete the Cat books on CD, and then we made our very own Pete the Cat in art! The children were very excited about this project. You will find Pete hanging on our bulletin board inside our class room.

On Wednesday, we sure enjoyed that outside weather in the morning. We are almost done with our letter books. We have two more letters. Everyone really seemed to enjoy sharing their pictures that they found! What a terrific job everyone did! In art, we had the children cut out Clifford and then paint his body and ear red. Finishing touches were an eye and black pom pom nose.

Thursday, we read the book Green Eggs and Ham. After our story, the children got to have a feast of green eggs, ham mini bagels, cream cheese and orange juice. 9 of us discovered that we LOVE green eggs and ham,2  discovered that they did not like them. In art, we cut out a glass of oj, an egg, green yolk, spiral ham, and a napkin. We glued a plate on a placemat and glued down food, juice, napkin and fork. We had the children complete a sentence about where they would like their green eggs and ham. We had fun!

Friday, we made a rainbow fish in art!

The Caterpillars are Here!

I have purchased a caterpillar/butterfly kit and we will be hatching Painted Lady butterflies for our science project in the month of May. The caterpillars arrived on Tuesday. We talked to the children about the caterpillar cycle and showed them the caterpillar and food in the cup. We stressed how important it is for the children not to touch or bump the cup because the caterpillars are very delicate, but they certainly can look with their eyes at the caterpillars. When the caterpillars form a chrysalis, Mrs Sowarby and I will place the disc with the chrysalides in the pop up habitat. We then wait until the butterflies emerge, then we feed them sugar water, watermelon or oranges for a few days, and then we release them outside. The whole process takes about 3 weeks. It is very exciting!


Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Monday, April 29th. There is no regular school on that day, but there will be childcare provided during your conference time. There is NO childcare before 9:00 am. Please make sure you arrive on time!


April 8, 2013

Some of the books we read this week were: When Will It Be Spring?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  and Lady Bug.

This has been a short week, but a fun week.

We always start our day outside, weather permitting so be sure to send in warm outdoor clothes. It is still a little chilly out there in the morning.

Tuesday, Mrs. Sowarby and Mrs. Dongo had the children make forsythia’s in a vase in art. The children cut out a wall paper vase and then drew branches with brown marker. The final step was to crumble up yellow tissue paper and place it on the branches. The children played Bingo at the end of the day.

Wednesday, we read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  In art, I had the children cut out a leaf and circles. They decorated the face, and then added letters of their name to each circle. Everyone did a good job!  We continue practicing writing our names on the laminated card as well as on our projects. Please work on having your children practice writing their names at home too.  It is good practice for next year. Your child should be able to recognize the letters in their name by now.

Thursday, we talked about ladybugs and read a book Ladybug.  We made a ladybug in art. The children had a good time cutting and especially placing the black dots on the wings. We took the children for a short walk up Prince Street and back. We were on the lookout for signs of spring. Some of the things the children spotted were grass, buds on the tree, a robin, and a daffodil

Friday, we cut out a tulip, leaves and a stem and do some painting in art.

I have been working with the children on letter sounds during free play. I give them a picture card, and then they tell me what it is and try focusing on the sound of the first letter it starts with. They then find that letter on the pocket chart and place the picture in it.


April 1, 2013

Well Spring has arrived! Now if only the weather will cooperate and get a little warmer. Please remember to send in warm outdoors clothing until the weather decides to cooperate. This week we have talked and read about our bodies, eyes and teeth.

On Monday, we read the book Seeing and Arthur’s Eyes. The children made the character Arthur wearing glasses! They chose their favorite color glasses to put on him! They look so cute! Look for them hanging on our bulletin board in our classroom.

On Tuesday, we began talking about taking care of our teeth and ways to do that by eating healthy foods and brushing our teeth. We started an experiment of placing hard boiled eggs (representing our teeth) into coffee, orange soda, grape soda, cola, and water. We brainstormed what might happen to our “teeth” when we look at them on Thursday.  We played with the healthy food magnets and the children set up healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners. Some of the children enjoyed playing which food is missing with me. I placed 5 different foods on the table and had the children tell me what each food was, then they closed their eyes as I took one away and they had to guess what was missing! We read the book My Body. We talked about the organs inside our bodies and what they do!   In art, each child was given a paper doll to cut out and then we cut out the lungs, heart and stomach. We then glued the brain, esophagus, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and bones. The children decorated the outer part of their bodies. We stapled the outside of our bodies to the inside. Take a look at them on our bulletin board in the hallway.

On Wednesday, we talked about happy teeth and sad teeth and the children got to make choices as to which foods or things should be glued on the happy tooth and the sad tooth. They made great choices. We read the book Hooray for Teeth!  In art we made our very own Super tooth hero which you will find “flying” around our room!

On Thursday, we were surprised to see that all of the eggs (teeth) were stained with liquids except for the one that sat in water. We then took turns brushing the “teeth” with a toothbrush and toothpaste.  We got to see how difficult it was to get them clean.  The coffee was the most difficult and the cola had little bumps and grooves in the egg shell. We learned how important it is to brush the liquids and foods off of our teeth daily so we can keep them healthy and white. Did you know one can of soda may have up to 16 tsp of sugar? In art, the children cut out the letter T and a tooth and they took a toothbrush and did some toothbrush paintings. They look awesome! We read the book Show Me Your Smile and listened to the CD Big Sharks Lost Tooth.

On Friday, we made a visit to the Baptist Home.  The children had a nice time and were very well behaved! The children did a great job singing their songs for the Residents !The Staff and Residents appreciated our visit! It was a positive experience.


April 8th: No School

April 15th Picture day----No green clothing please

April 24th Dr. Sheedy(eye Dr) visits

April 29th Mon Parent/ Teacher Conferences


Week of March: 11th:

Well, Mr. Bear has visited with everyone in the classroom and now will be hibernating until next year! Thank you to everyone for participating and making it fun! We have all enjoyed listening to the children "read" their journals and tell us all about their special visit.

Monday I was absent and the children had fun with Mrs. Sowarby, Mrs Liu, and Mrs. Dongo. They made leprachaun rainbow streamer hats in art. They looked so awesome hanging in the room.

We  talked about shamrocka and leprechauns this week. Tuesday, we made Leprechaun face masks and we cut out shamrocks and painted it green, then added green glitter for a final touch. We enjoyed working with the laminated rainbows and sorting fruit loops and m&m's to the right colors in rainbow color order.

Wednesday, we worked on the concept small, smaller, smallest. The children glued shamrocks in that order. In art, we cut out a pot of gold,added glitter and then of course painted a rainbow.The children did a great job!

Thursday, we started outside. It was chilly out there! It was quite a difference from wed. I anticipate warmer weather soon, but until then, please keep sending the children in warm winter coats, mittens, snow pants and hats. In art, we colored a jointed leprechaun.They did a really good job coloring. We placed brads to allow the parts to move and they thought this was really cool.

On friday, we had our Tase of the Rainbow St Patricks Party! We had a great time and thank you to all who contributed by bringing in the wonderful food!We had a very exciting morning as it appered that the lephrechaun had visited. he left us a letter written bacwards that we needed to use a mirror to read. He tumbled over chairs, put things upside down, messed up our toy area, left trails of fruit loops and m&ms ,left green tiny foot prints on the floor , chairs and tables, left our book area a mess, and tossed a few of our art projects upside down. At the end of the day, he did end up leaving us each a pot of gold with our name on it !We worked on making our spring baskets for next week!


*Book fair 3/18th -3/22 with special evening hours on March 20th. If you can volunteer to help work the book fair, please sign up on the sheet at the bottom of the starwell. We would appreciate any help we can get! Thank you! Pleas help us reach our goal of  selling 250 books.

* Open House is Wed 3/20 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Hope you can come! There will be free ice cream for the kids and we are asking a minimum donation for adults! It will be a fun evening!

* Spring Break 3/25th -3/29th No School~ School will resume on Monday 4/1.

*4/5 friday~ Our class will be visiting the Baptist Home to meet the residents and staff that we have been corresponding with. We have been practicing songs to sing for them. they are planning a snack and some activity with the children. We will leave the school at 10:15 am to arrive at 10:30am. We will dismiss around 12noon. All children must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times!

* 4/8 Superintendent's Conference Day! No school

*4/15 Monday school pictures

* 4/29 Monday Parent Teacher Conferences


Week of March 4th:

Some of the books we read this week are: What's it doing outside?, what Makes the Weather?, What Makes a Rainbow?, Curious George Rain or Shine

Songs: Mr. sun, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

On Monday, we worked on a number book which the children traced anumbers and colored pictures.

Tuesday, we started painting hands for a special project coming up. In art, we made a Weather book. We cut out a sun, rain drop. umbrella, a snowman, a cloud,colored a rainbow and even got to draw our favorite kind of weather. We also had the children draw a spring like picture on Manila paper. We stapled wax paper overtop and then had them glue on cotton ball clouds.They took a fork and dipped it into blue paint and stamped it onto the wax paper for a raining effect.When they lift up the paper, it should look like a spring, sunny day. They seemed to enjoy this project.

Wednesday, I took photos for an upcoming project.We talked about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. The children enjoyed making colored mane lions and gentle lambs in art.

Thursday, we started outside. We also had a fire drill and the children did a fantastic job listening to directions.When we came in,we had laminated rainbows on the table and the children could match colored fruit loops cereal to the colors in the order of the rainbow. they really enjoed this activity and enjoyed eating them as well! In art, we made a book called When Clouds float By! We ended our day doing puzzles, lacing and see and spell puzzles.

Friday was a snow day!

Next week's theme: St Patrick's theme

3/18th Taste the Rainbow` wear green or rainbow colors


Week of Feb 25th:

This week we have been focusing on Nursery Rhymes! We read many nursery rhymes and sang and did a lot of finger plays. Monday, we made a Mother goose. In gym, we played with the parachute and did some dancing.

Tuesday, we made Hickory dickor Dock in art.

Wednesday,we had an hour delay, but we  still got a lot of things done. We  are now on the letter K in our letter book. Mr. Bear still has 3 more houses to visit and everone has done a fabulous job waiting patiently. We made Humpty Dumpty in art.

Thursday, due to damp, wet weather, we started our day in our room playing in the "snow" in our sensory table. The children had a great time identifying the letters on our "snow balls". We also played a game of Nursery rhyme lotto. They did a great job listening to the cd and looking at their cards to see if they had matches. We made Little Bo Peep in art. We will be displaying our nursery rhyme art work for Open House(MArch 20th). We ended our day in the gym playing our favorite game, musical chairs, Simon says and doing some movement.We did the crab walk,tried skipping , jumping and walking backwards with a partner. We also had fun learning to ride the scooters. We had the children use their legs and feet sitting on their scooter and ride down into a sea of letters, looking for the first letter of their name, and bring it back with them.

Friday, we celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday! We all dressed in our pajamas and slippers and come to school with a crazy hairstyle. We had a blast and it was great to see everyone looking so cozy and sporting their crazy hairdo.We read the book The Cat in the Hat. we passed around a stuffed cat in the hat everytime we heard a rhyming word. We also did a lot of rhyming woords today.At snack, we patterened bananas and strawberries(the colors in Cat's hat) It was a wacky, great time!

Next week our theme will be weather.



Week of Februaury 18th:

Some of the books we read this week have been: 100 Ways to Celebrate a 100 Days, My First Chineses New Year, Let's Look at Opposites, Curious George's Bigger and Smaller and Chicka Chicka 123

We also sang Opposite songs and chants and We have been practicing songs for our trip to the Baptist Home in April.

We started our week off with a 100 day celebration. We counted to 100 and did a special 100 day sticker chart which I laminated and is hanging on our door. We had cupcakes for snck that had 10 m and ms on each one.When we added up the 10 cupckes we found out that we had a total of 100 m and m's. Cool!

Wednesday was our Chinese New Year Celebration! We found out the color red is Good Luck and the celebration lasts for 15 days1 this year is the year of the snake! We sampled fried rice,  chicken spring rolls, chines noodles and oranges. The children really seemed to enjoy the different foods! We also learned the dragon symbolizes good luck. we made a dragon puppet in art! Every one left with a goody bag!

Thursday, we talked about opposites, sang songs and read books about opposites. We made an opposite book in art. We sent them home with the children. Everyone did a great job! In the back of the book is a chant that you can do with your child. It is fun to learn the opposites.

Friday, we did a lot of counting. We traced numbers 1 through 10 and dotted during art!

FYI: We are continuing to collect empty 2 liter clear bottles. we are in need of 9 more. Please keep them coming! Thank you to all who have been helping us collest them. We need them by March 8th.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Week of February 11th:

Some of the books we read this week have been: Abraham Lincoln, Big sharks Valentine surprise, George Washington

Due to the inclement weather,there was no school on Monday!

Tuesday was a busy fun day. We started outside playing in the fresh snow and the children loved it!Mrs. Sowarby got her workout shoveling paths in the snow! When we came in, we had a fun science experiment.We discovered what happens if we try cleaning a penny with water, lemon, salt  and then vinegar.Ask your child if they remember which two worked the best. Our pennies came out so shiny and clean. We talked about our 16th President and read a story about Abe. In art, we made our very own Lincoln hat.At the end of the day, we went on a hunt for chocolate pennies.

Wednesday, we made special Valentine's for our Mom's and Dads. Won't you be mine?

We had our Valentine Party and the children had fun passing out their Valentine's, listening to stories, singing songs and of course eating all the fabulous food!Thank you to all that contributed! The children received a heart decoration to take home that was made by the Residents from the Baptist Home.

Thursday, we celebrated Madilyn's birthday. We also talked about George wahington our first President. We played the game Hi ho Cherry-o and we made Washington hats. We marched around our room to music.

We are off feb 15th through feb 18th, school will resume on Feb 19th. We will ahve a 100 day celebration.

Feb 20th we will celebrate the Chinese New Year! Wear something red for good Luck.


Week of February 4th:

Some of the books we read this week are: Love, Splat.....Clifford's Valentines, There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Rose, Biscuit's Valentine, Biscuit's A ,B,C's,what Do dinosaurs do at School/cd

We have been busy this week making our frog Valentine's for the residents and Staff at the Baptist Home. Mrs. Sowarby dropped them off, and they are currently working on an exchage for us, so we are excited to see what they will be sending us! We did some counting with the dotters 1 thru 5 and we worked on tracing our shapes.

     Tuesday, we made a catepillar using heart shapes and the children chose two colors to make a pattern with. They are hanging in our hallway.

     Wednesday, we made our Valntine's boxes into cats. They look great. Our Valentine Party will be on Wed Feb 13th. Please have your child wear pink or red. Bring in 18 Valentine Cards that are addressed To: my Friend    From: have your child write their name

     Thursday,we traced a heart,cut it out and wrote our name on it.We also counted, played upper and lower alphabet match up, and placed thumbprints all over a heart. 

Look for our special Valentine's we made last week hanging in the Holy Cow window!

Friday was a snow day! Hope everyone enjoyed the snow.


Mon Feb 11th: Chinese New Year Party

TuesdayFeb 12th Lincoln and Ice Cream Party

Tuesday Feb12th Child dev Screening: Free

Wed: Feb 13th Valentine Party

Thurs: Madilyn's birthday

Friday Feb15th through Feb 18th: No School!

Due to snow storm on Friday, Book Orders are now due on Monday Feb 11th.

Enjoy the long weekend!



Week of Jan 28th:

Some of the books we read this week are: Mouse's First Valentine, Chicka chicka Boom Boom, The Biggest Valentine Ever, Ten Grouchy Groundhogs/Cd, and Shadows.

We sang the songs: Groundhog day and Groundhog Gruffle

We began our letter books this week. Everyone has done a fantastic job so far and loves sharing what they have in their book. So far we have covered the letters A,B and C. Mr. Bear continues his rounds and the children are doing a great job waiting patiently for their turn. We made hearts to hang in the Holy Cow window. The children cut out 2 hearts and used 2 small balls to paint one with. It was our version of marble painting. Mrs. Sowarby and I will hang them in the windows on Feb 8th.

We worked on the letter Q by gluing Q tips all around the letter. We worked on number books 1-10 in art on Tuesday. We have also been painting our cereal boxes this week to turn them into special Valentine boxes for our Valentine party. we are using them to collect our cards and treats in!

Wednesday morning, we did some parachute paly as part of our music and movement. The children really seemed to enjoy it!

Thursday, we made flamingo  valentines. They are hanging on our door.We worked on tracing shapes and using dotters to count 1-5.

Friday we celebrated Groundhogs Day. We sang songs, talked about the legend of the groundhog and made shadows with our hands using a flashlight.We made groundhog puppets in art.

We try to go outside as much as we can. We ask you to please have your child wear warm coats, snowpants and boots(even if there is no snow), mittens and hats. The equipment is cold out there early in the morning and this helps keep them warm and comfortable. Thank you for your cooperation!


FYI: Book Orders are due Feb 8th Friday

Feb 11th we will celebrate Chinese New Year!

Feb 12th: We will learn about Abe Lincoln and do a science experiment involving pennies.

Another Free Child Development Screening is available on Feb 12th. Please see Mrs Liu if you are interested.

Feb 13th: Valentine's Party. Wear pink or red. Look for sign ups.

Feb 14th: Ice Cream Party.

 Feb 15th- Feb 18th: No School

Feb 19th: 100th day celebration!

We are collecting empty  clear soda bottles for our nexr project in March. We w ill need 18 empty bottles! Thank You!

Have a great weekend!





Week of Jan 21st: Some of the books we read this week are: Martin Luther King, jr, Feathers for Lunch, Counting is for the Birds and Penguins.

     We have had a active, fun filled week.We have started our days out in the gym playing ball and riding tricycles. Monday we were off in observance of Martin Luther King ,jr. Tuesday, we worked on the letter U. We did a Martin Luther King,jr project. We also made a dove. Look for them "flying" in our room. Wednesday, we made bagel birdfeeders. The children spread cream cheese on their bagel and rolled it into bird seed.They were insructed to take it home and have Mom or Dad hang it outside and look for birds. Everyone was excited about taking them home and hanging them up! In art, we made a cardinal. Thursday, we worked on the letter V. We also made a Downy woodpecker. Friday,we talked about penguins and made one in art.We sent home our Alphabet books. Please remember to bring them in and take them home  on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.We continue to write our names on our projects and in the classroom.


Week of January 7th:

We had a very busy week this week! Mr. Bear is making his rounds.  The children seem to really enjoy bringing him home. Everyone is doing a super job getting up aand "reading" their book to us. Keep up the good work! The books will be displayed on our bulletin board inside our classroom.

We introduced our laminated snowman  that have numbers 1-5 on them.the children use them to count buttons and place them on the snowman.We also have been counting tedy graham bears in groups 1-5. they especially like this because they get to eat a few when we are done. :) Keep practicing counting at home!We painted with jello for our letter J and we stamped the letter M with a mini marshmellow dipped in red paint. What fun!

Some of the books weread this week are:Winter is the Warmest Season, Ten on a Sled/CD, Pinkalicious: Pink around the Rink, Snow Friends, Mouse's first Snow, Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons and One Snowy day.

In art, we made an ice skate that we laced when it dried,a snowman, a "melted" snowman and a cup of hot chocolate.

We have been doing a lot of the chicken dance for music and movement and the children LOVE it!
We played Alphabet Bingo on Thursday and everyone did a fantastic job recognizing the letters and brainstorming what words begin with each letter!Next week's theme will be more Winter fun!

Week of December 31st:

Welcome back and Happy New year! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Everyone seems happy to be back at school and are adjusting to getting back to our routine! this week our theme was bears.  Some of the books we read this week are: Hibernation station, Goodnight Bear and Bear Gets Sick. We learned the song  Bear went over the Mountain. We painted jointed bears on Wed and friday with pastel colors. Mrs. Sowarby and I will be putting them together using brads so the arms and legs move, then we will hang them up.

Thursday, we painted the letter K with orange kool-aid. K is for kool-aid! We talked about hibernation and made a bear hibernating in a cave in art. They are hanging in our room.We also played Nursery Rhyme lotto game. We introduced  Mr Bear to the class and he is making his rounds to everyone's  house starting Friday Jan 4th. Please check your newsletter for info regarding Mr. Bear's visit.

Book Orders are due back Jan 11th Friday.

Please remember to have your child come to school in a warm coat,snowpants. snowboots, warm hat, mittens,scarves,etc.  We try to go out as much as possible with the children. Thank you!


Week of December 10th:

Some of the books we read this week are:There was an Old Lady that swallowed a Bell,Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear, I've Seen Santa/CD, Rudolp the Red Nosed reindeer, The Polar Express/ CD, Twas the Night Before Christmas

We have had another great week! We have finished our holiday gifts and have told the children not to tell because it is a surprise! We have been busy making patterned chains to hang in our room!We also made a patterned candy cane using red and white paint, made a Rudolph tamborine and a project with a mouse and poem. We enjoyed our Polar Express Party on Wednesday! Every one looked so cute and cozy in their pj's and slippers! Our class were such good listeners! They really seemed to enjoy the story. everyone received a bell after the story! This week we played number and shape Bingo! Please review shapes and numbers at home as well!

Our Holiday Party is on Monday Dec 17th!

Developmental Screenings are on Wed Dec 19th: If you signed up for one, please arrive on time... Thank you!

No School Dec 24th through Jan 1st. school resumes on Wednesday Jan 2nd

Have a great weekend!


Week of December 3rd:

Some of the books we read this week are: Dora's Christmas Adventure, The Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Mouse, Llama, Llama Holiday Drama, Biscuit's Hanukkah, The Channukkah Guest and Snow

We had a great week with our theme Holiday fun and decorations. On Monday, we decorated our special trees that we cut out.We put out an assortment of jewels, foamies, buttons,etc and let the children go to town decorating all while listening to Christmas music. We even added "presents" under the tree for a final touch.Take a look at them on our bulletin board in our classroom. Tuesday, we decorated a Gingerbread House. Everybody took turns decorating. Check out our photos hanging in the hallway. Oh, what fun! In art, we made gingerbread girls and boys.Each child received a tin foil "cookie sheet" then they cut out a paper gingerbread cut out, glued it on the "cookie sheet" and decorated it. Wednesday, it was Holiday Dress up day. Everyone looked great! I took photos. You will have to wait until the holidays to see the finished product. :) Thursday, we talked about Hanukkah and made a menorrah, which is hanging in the hallway. friday, we painted and glittered snowflakes. Mrs. Sowarby made me a delicious cake and we celebrated my birthday. Everybody sang to me... it was so cute!

Polar express party is on Wednesday Dec 12th:We will be joining the other classes to listen to the classic story on CD, while looking at the book! We will have popcorn and juicebox. Please have your child wear WARM winter pajamas and slippers to school. We will NOT be going outside on this day! SNOW DATE is Fri

Holiday Party is Dec 17th Monday  SNOW DATE is for Friday 12/ 21

Developmental Screenings are held Dec 19th Wed..... If you signed up, please check what time you signed up for and arrive on time!

**Rumor has it that Santa will be visiting on Monday Dec 17th which is our party day. SSShhh... let's keep it  a surprise for the children. If your child has a real fear of Santa or if you think he/she would be really nervous seeing him, please let me know. We want this to be a pleasant and fun experience! Thank You!


Week of November 26th: We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thnksgiving with their loved ones! This week seemed to fly by! Our busy little "elves" started working on special surprises for the holidays! I can't say too much more because it is a surprise! I know it is early, but I like to get a jump start because you never know what Mother Nature has in store for us this time of the year! Someof the art projects we made this week are: pointsettas,painted 2 paper plates for an upcoming project, decorated a gift bag, and made a Santa calendar. We hope the children enjoy watching Santa grow a full beard!

Some of the books we read this week are: If You take a Mouse to the Movies, Snowflakes are Falling,Snowman All Year, Frosty the Snowman, SnowBear's Christmas Countdown and Shhhhhhhh!

Theme next week: Holiday fun and decorations and Hanukkah

Important dates: Holiday Dress up:Dec 5th

Polar Express Party Dec 12th: Please have your child wear warm winter pajamas and slippers. We will not be going outside! We will be joining the other classes to listen to the story on CD, while looking at the book. We will have popcorn and juice box.It is a lot of fun! snowdate: Dec 14th

**We will be receiving a visit from Santa, but not too sure on the dates yet. I will let you know as soon as I know. If your child has a fear of Santa or is really nervous about seeing him, please let me know. We want this to be a pleasant  and fun experience. Thank You!

Developmental Screening is Dec 19th: Please sign up in the office if you are interested

Be on the lookout for Party sign ups! Party on Dec 17th Monday  Snowdate: Dec 21st

No School: Decmber 24th  Monday through Monday January 1st!  School will resume on Jan 2nd.

Reminder about Snow Policy: If Red Hook School has 3 hour delay....we are CLOSED.  If Red Hook School has 2 hour delay, we only delay 1 our class would begin at 10:00.



Week of November 12th: This week has been another short week, but a busy one! We worked on our costumes for the Concert on Monday! The children are very excited to sing their songs! We made turkey cards for our Mom's and Dad's by having our hand painted and turning the hand print into a turkey. We also turned a tissue box into a turkey centerpiece! This was a lot of fun but a lot of work! What a great job everybody did! We discussed what it meant to be thankful and made a thankful Quilt which is hanging on our door! Please feel freee to take  a look at it! We ended our week  by becoming "chefs" and making a bowl of soup in the art room. The children glued the letters of their name into a bowl then added pasta, foam vegetables, wooden bead turkey and pom pom meat and veggies. We glued the bowl on our favorite colored mat and added a spoon! MMMMMMM good!

Book Orders are due Monday Nov 19th.

Our Thanksgiving concert is at 11:00 am  in the sanctuary on Monday Nov 19th! we will dismiss from our classroom right after the concert!If your child attends on Tuesday, please leave their costume at school! Thank You!

On Tuesday, we will be making a fruit salad to share with Mrs. Spano's class at the Sharing and Caring Feast.

NO SCHOOL Wed Nov 21st- Fri Nov 23rd. School will resume on Nov 26th. Mrs. Sowarby and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and make some wonderful memories together!

Free Develomental Screenings will be held on December 19th(Wed).  This is a wonderful opportunity to check for any developmental concerns that you may have. If you are interested, please see Julia in the office to make an appointment.


 Week of November 5th: This week has been crazy busy! We have been working on making our costumes for the Thanksgiving concert which will be held on Monday November 19th in the Sanctuary at 11:00 am. I divided the class up so some made turkey costumes, some  will be pilgrim boys and girls and some will be Native Americans! The children have been working very hard on their costumes and songs and we are very eager to  sing for everyone! Please join us on that day. We will dismiss from our classroom right after the concert. We also made our Thanksgiving cards for the Baptist Home this week. I took a group photo as well of the children whom I had permission  to do this with. We are eager to see what they are going to send back to us! On  Thursday, we did a lot of counting of leaves as we finished our counting book. We are also working on a special turkey project that we will finish up this Wednesday!

Some of the books we read this week were: Turkey's Best Thanksgiving, The Very first Thanksgiving, Fall Changes and Ten Leaves hanging on My Tree.

Our Tuesday class (Nov 20th) will be joining Mrs. Spano's two class and Mrs. Kubsch's Toddler class for a special Sharing and Caring Feast. We will be making something special to bring.IF YOUR CHILD COMES TO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY THE 20th, PLEASE LEAVE THEIR COSTUME WITH US AFTER THE CONCERT ON MONDAY. THANK YOU!

Next week's theme is: Thanksgiving


week of October 29th: This week has been a lot of fun, though it was a shorter week due to our day off on Monday! The children got to come to school in their costumes on Tuesday and Wednesday! It was a lot of fun seeing everybody all dressed up for Halloween! We listened to the book on CD The Spookiest Halloween Ever with just the glow of the jack o lantern. The children LOVED it!

Wednesday was our party day and we had a great time. We listened to Halloween Party music,and played many games such as pin the tail on the black cat,musical scares chairs, freeze dancing, pumpkin spoon races,and a bean bag toss through a wooden pumpkin. We ate lots of food! Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who contributed items and treat bags for our party. It sure was a success and we had a blast!Each child went home with a plastic pumpkin filled with treats! Some of the books we read this week were: The Spooky wheels on the Bus, There was an Old Lady who Swallowed some Leaves and The Spookiest Halloween ever on CD.We also started a counting book On Thursday and a positional book called Where's The Leaf?  We are continuing to make paltes with the children. If you are interested, please sign up for this is the last week to do so. Cost per plate is $10.00. Plate $ and plates that were taken home are due back on friday Nov 9th.  Photo release form fro photos to be taken and released to Baptist Home needs to be returned on Mon Nov5th.   Turkey Feather will be due for our Tom Tom Turkey on Fri Nov 9th. Concert will be on Monday Nov 19th at 11:00 am in the sanctuary. Bring camera/video camera.


We do try to go out every day weather permitting. As the weather is getting colder,  please have the children wear warmer clothing: coats, mittens, hats, scarfs, snow pants, boots, etc. That equipment is very cold in the mornign.Please make sure EVERYTHING is labeled to make it easier to identify. We want the children to work on self help skills as much as possible. Please let your child practice putting on their own clothes as much as possible. Practice makes perfect.

Theme next week:costumes for concert and turkeys.


Due to Monday's school cancellation, our trick or treat parade has been cancelled.  Children may wear costumes or black or orange for  our Halloween
Party on Wednesday October 31st!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


UPDATE: as of 10/29    9:00pmThere is currently a two hour dalay for Red Hook Central Schools(which means a 1 hour delay for us....we start at 10:00am) for OCTOBER 30th Tuesday   This may change to a closing in the morning. Please call 758-2241 in the am before heading to school........ I will try to update page in am, unless there is a power outage, then I wont be able to. If there is school, your child may wear their costume to school.


UPDATE for October 29th: Due to inclement weather heading our way, Red hook Central School District is Closed, therefore Church Street Nursery School is closed as well.



Week of October 22nd: Our theme this week has been Halloween and we have made many fantastic art projects! We made a witch that you can find "flying" around in our classroom,spider webs and spiders,candy corn , a skeleton and a haunted house. One of the highlights this week has been getting to count candy corn with the teacher and then getting to  choose two out of the bag  to eat. Some of the books we read this week were: The Witch next door, Spiders, Mouses's First Halloween, Skeleton Hiccups, H is for Haunted House and There was an Old Lady that swallowed a bat on cd.

We have started our make a plate. If you are interested please see the sign up sheet at the door. The cost is $10.00 per plate. they make great holiday plates or keepsakes. I have many from my children when they were in Nursery school.

Theme next week: Leaves


Week of October 15th:
 Our theme this week has been pumpkins. We have had a wonderful week. Some of the books we read this week are: Scardy Cat,Splat.  Hayride Fun, The Legend of Spookly the Square Pumpkin and Pumpkin,Pumpkin. We have also started learning some songs for an upcoming concert in November. (more to follow in November)  We had a wonderful time at Kesickes farm on Wednesday. We had beautiful weather!  Thank you to all that came to our Open house on Wednesday evening. It was so great to meet and greet all of you and the children really loved showing off their art work and the special treat that they made in class. Those mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins were so good! We got to explore a pumpkin this week inside and outside by using our 5 senses. We had so much fun! The children voted on what kind of face they wanted carved on the pumpkin and the final vote was scary.  Mrs. Sowarby did a wonderful job carving it  out. At the end of the week, we also discovered what happens when you mix red and yellow paintI we also opened our sensory table on Friday! Have your children tell you about some of the things they found inside.

Next weeks them: Halloween

Check the Field trip link for information re: Oct 29th trick or Treat through town... Bring your child to school in COSTUME. Please plan on arriving 9:15 (NOTE TIME CHANGE) we will leave school at 9:30am.

Oct 31 Wed Halloween Party... NO COSTUMES... Have your child wear orange or black


Week of October 8th thru 12th: Though it was a very short week, it has been a busy and fun-filled week.This week's theme has been pumpkins! We made a very special pumpkin on Wednesday that has a ghostly surprise when you pull up the stem. Everyone did a great job lacing the pumpkin together. We definitely gave our fingers a workout! One of the books we read was Five Little Pumpkins and we cut out 5 pumpkins in art and  glued them on a fence! The best part was decorating all the faces with cut out eyes, noses and mouths and adding stems on top!We also made moons and bats and read trhe book Bats! The high light of the week was getting a visit from the Red Hook Fire Department and seeing the firetruck and firefighters! Friday was also wear something red to school day! It was nice to see all of our friends have something red on! We also had some fun in the gym with the  jumping game and  we learned the chicken dance! We also played freeze dancing...what fun!

Next week our pumpkin theme continues, though we will make black cats on Monday!

Our book fair is open all next week in the lounge from 9:00-12:00 with special evening hours on Wednesday. 

Kesicke field Trip will be on Wednesday Oct 17th  at 9:30. Remember we will be meeting there at 9:30aminstead of coming to school.  Please plan on paying the $8.00 fee on Monday Oct 15th. We will dismiss from the farm.  Thank you!

Open House wil be held on October 17th from 6:00-7:30pm. We are very excited to see everyone The children LOVE to show off their school.We will display all of their art work that evening plus the All about Me posters! If you have not handed one in, please do so by Wednesday in order to have it displayed! Thank You!


Week of October 1st thru 5th: This week we have had a very busy week learning about fire prevention and safety. We learned about stop, drop, cover and roll. We practiced crawling down in a tunnel pretending we were in a room filled with smoke. We learned smoke rises, we go low. We talked about smoke detectors and that it is important to change the battteries twice a year. (spring and fall) We talked about 911 and that this number is for emergencies only. Now would be a good time to teach your child their address and phone number. We read many books and made lots of cool projects such as a Dalmation mobile, Hector the smoke detector ,a fireman and fire is...

Please remember now that the weather is getting cooler to send in warmer coats, hats, mittens,etc. Make sure all items are labeled with the child's name.

Next week we will  begin the theme pumpkins.

There is NO SCHOOL On MONDAY OR TUESDAY...OCTOBER 8th and 9th. School will resume on Wed Oct 10th. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

  Red Hook Fire Dept will be bringing the firetruck for a visit on friday Oct 12th. Please have your child wear something Red on that day.


Week of September 24th:

We have had another fantastic week!We started it off with apples,had wednesday Off and ended it with shape people and making ourselves. Everybody did a great job on their projects! I can't wait until Open House to hang them up!We have been working very hard on recognizing our names this week when lining up. We have also lined up by color of our clothes, by number or by shape.

The theme next week is Fire Safety. Fire Prevention week is Oct7th thru 13th. We will have a firetruck visit on the 12th. Wear something Red on that day!


Upcoming Attractions for October:

No school Monday Oct 8th and Tuesday Oct 9th

fire truck visit October 12th Friday: wear Red

Book Fair: Oct 15th Mon-Oct 19th Fri

Kesicke Pumpkin picking field Trip Oct 17th Wed: meet  there at 9:30am (sign up sheet at the door)

Open House October 17th 6:00-7:30 Book Fair open

Trick or Treat Parade through town Oct 29thMon: wear costumes (more to follow soon)

Halloween Party Wed Oct 31st: No costumes, wear orange or black(more to follow soon)


Week ofSeptember 17th:

Week two and the children are  settling in and adjusting to school routines very nicely.We have been having a great time at school this week. Some of the things we did this week were: We made the inside of the apple using white tissue paper. We learned that there is a star shape found in an apple if it is cut in the middle. We also crumbled 5 pieces of brown tissue paper to make a star in our apple. Tuesday, we took a circle shape and traced it on red paper, cut it out then wrote our name. We added a stem and leaves and we  made an awesome apple!We also read the book Ten apples on Top and made our own red yellow pattern using the apples we cut out. You will find all of our projects hanging in our classroom. Please feel free to take a look!  We had a fantastic time at the field trip at Rose Hill Farm! Thank you to all of our parents for coming and special thanks to Elianna's parents for providing snack and juice! It was a beautiful day for a trip! We also  did some baking this week. We made apple pockets. The children really enjoyed this and we have a lot of inspiring chefs in our class! The hallway smelled so good!

Our theme next week will continue with apples and then we will be working on shape people and all about me! Our next field trip will be Oct 17th WEDNESDAY....check the field trip page for more info. Thanks!

REMEMBER: There is NO SCHOOL onWEDNESDAY September 26th in observence of Yom Kippur.


Week of September 10th:

The first week of school has come to an end and everyone seems to be adjusting to our schedule and routine. We have read many books and learned many songs this week including songs to learn each others names. The favorites this week have been playing outdoors and playing with the red homemade play dough.  We played a game of color and shape bingo on Tuesday and everyone had so much calling out Bingo!We celebrated  Nicole's birthday this week! We are looking forward to our field trip next Wed Sept 19th at Rose Hill Farm! If you haven't already, please remember to pay your $4.00 fee on Monday Sept 17th.Next weeks theme will be Apples! Enjoy your weekend!


Hello and Welcome! We anticipate a very exciting year working with your children!Please check back on this page for updates to what we are doing in our classroom! Thank You!

Scholastic Book Club orders are due back on September 14th Friday. Please make out one check written to Scholastic Book Club. Put your child's name on each order form. Thank You!

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