Mrs. Mastroine's Kindergarten Classroom


September is an exciting time of year for kids, parents and teachers!  This is a time of hopes and dreams

for a happy and successful school year.    Best Wishes for a SUCCESFUL school year !




I will need a signed form from each parent regarding HOW their child is to go home from school.  I need parents to fill out a special form that tells me how your child is to go to and from school, and how your child is to go home in case of an early release day due to bad weather.  The first week of school I will make name tag necklace for each of my students.  They have all of your children's information on it, I will laminate it too.  Each night please return the ID necklace for the first week of school.  These will save all us a lot headaches, because it is so important to make each child gets on the correct, or goes home with the correct person.