Hello! Thank you for visiting our Third Grade Web Site.  We are delighted that you have stopped to visit.  Please do so frequently throughout the school year, for it is a pleasure to share with you some of the wonderful things we are doing in third grade.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact me via e-mail (lmedina@fgsd.k12.or.us) or by phone to (503)359-2500 ext. 5515.  Thank you!!!!

I am very excited to be working with your child this school year.  I will work to help your child achieve what he/she is capable of and push him/her to not only meet, but exceed his/her capabilities.  Some characteristics that describe me are caring, enthusiastic, devoted, responsible, energetic and I am always giving my best.  I have some of the same expectations for my students.  I want them to enjoy learning and maintain a positive attitude.  I hope they will also give their best effort, be responsible for their work and actions.  Through this, I hope my students take pride in all that they do and work hard to reach their dreams, whatever they may be.  My main expectation, and wish, is that they will learn something new each day and value all that they have learned during the school year!  I hope we can both learn from one another!!!!