About Me

The Inside Scoop on Ms. Rosa

I’m teaching students to expand diversity in colleges and in the workplace. As a bilingual individual who has lived in low-income neighborhoods all my life and attended public schools as a student myself, I have experienced students drop out of school due to the lack of motivation, limited resources, and the inability of public schools to provide students with high quality education. Therefore, based on my previous experience within public schools as a student myself, I hope to create a classroom that not only generates the idea of being in a leadership role to students, but also has students who take that idea and implement it into their everyday life. Teaching adolescent students about business is important because the hands-on learning experience they achieve from working in teams, the opportunity to develop marketable skills and habits they can apply to any career, and the likelihood they can acquire the practical skills of writing a resume or cover letter is not directly presented in any other subject area. Therefore, adolescent students who are exposed early to business education become assets or leaders in both colleges and their workplace. Additionally, whether my prospective students want to attend a four-year college, a vocational school or immediately seek for employment after high school I will be teaching a subject that is relevant to everyone regardless of age, gender, or race.

As a risk-taker that enjoys multitasking and being in an environment where no day is ever the same, I yearn to open lines of communication and instill a love for learning about business. In my attempt to instill such adoration for the business subject to my students, I will utilize multiple hands-on activities such as creative napkin folding techniques, creating a la carte menus, providing weekly mock interviews, and even role-playing case studies. These hands-on activities will motivate students to work in teams and as a result they will naturally learn to network with others who share similar interests with them. Such partnerships or introduction to being in meaningful teams will become relatable in the sense they can later work out their differences with others in the workplace and practice professional habits of work in the diverse occupations students decide to seek after my taking my course.


"Everything works; nothing doesn’t"

- Ms. Rosa