As a student in Queens Business Institute at John Adams HIgh School, you have joined a special program that provides a unique learning experience.  With that acceptance comes certain requirements for students in the program. QBI students no longer just represent themselves but will be representing John Adams at opportunities outside the school environment. With that responsibility, it is important that you understand what is expected of all students in the Queens Business Institute SLC.



E-1.0 All students are expected to attend school daily and tardiness to class is not acceptable.

E-2.0 All students are to treat teachers, staff and other students with respect and honor.

E-3.0 Each student is expected to be responsible, respectful, and committed to their own and others education.

E-4.0 Your will be required to dress for success when on  field trips.

E-5.0 You will be required to fully participate in the yearly QBI scholarship fund-raising program.

E-6.0 Students are expected to maintain a 2.0 (“C” average ) grade point average.

E-7.0 Students failing classes are expected to get extra help in those classes at school tutoring opportunities.

E-8.0 Students are to remove all personal listening devices as they enter the class and not have them out during class.

E-9.0 Not food or eating during class time. Water bottles are ok.

E-10.0 All students are expected to commit to “one” full school year to Virtual Enterprise