Math and Science Talks


Researchers Discuss!


This is where you, Mathematicians and Scientists, will find videos of the week to help you prepare for discussions with your classmates.


You will find links to watch that we will use to dicuss in class.  Remember to show ALL work for yuor Math Talks and get ready for a great discussion!  Refer to the rubric in our notebook for Math and Science Talk requirements.


YouTube Sources:

August 13-17


7th grade

Math Test Practice

8th grade

Math Test Practice


8th grade Science

Theory vs. Law


Big Ideas Math

For this first week, make sure that you can login.  Explore the first chapter and watch the tutorial video for lessons 1 and 2. The first Math talk is not due until the second week. Of course, you can feel free to begin at your pace.  Refer to the syllabus for due dates and requirements.

Big Ideas Tutorial Videos