Arrival and Dismissal

Dear Parents,

             We understand that many of you like to walk your children to their classroom door the first day.  That is great.  Just go to the office to sign in. Please do not go into the classroom.  The teachers will be busy greeting students and helping them adjust to the first day.  We want the first day to be an exciting, happy event for our students.

            We would like to thank you for cooperating with our arrival and dismissal procedures.  They are going much better.    Parents who drop their children off or pick them up should enter the drive and pull forward along the curb.  If cars pull forward along the curb, we can load and unload cars at the same time and keep the process moving quickly.  Children should only get in and out of cars from the curb. 

            If you want to park in the parking lot and escort your child, please walk them to or from the gate.  It is not safe to have them cross to or from the parking lot without an adult accompanying them.   We understand that sometimes, parents are in a hurry, but we are asking everyone to be patient so we can be sure our children are safe.