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Submitted by Rohan Gosden, art teacher in Bulleen, Victoria of Australia.
Ages: 3 - 7


Powder Tempera Paint, Craft Glue, Washed sand, Twigs, leaves, rocks etc.


Mix powdered tempera paint with washed sand and store in seperate containers. Take children for a nature walk, collect small items of interesting shape and form.

Cover selected items with clear drying craft glue and leave until tacky. Spoon combinations of colors on to items using a meat tray for spillage. Leave to dry.

When dry, simply arrange and glue items on to natural surface such as bark or wood. To enhance colors, simply paint over with craft glue. (optional)

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

 Information provided by: Incredible @rt department http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/early/early5.html