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I am so excited to have your student in my class this year!  

On this websight I will post photos and student's work taken from our classroom, provide a calendar and volunteer sign up opportunities, provide resources for you and your student, and provide a link to the schools website.

 I look forwart to teaching your students. If you have any queations or comments you can email me at

~Ms. Lee



List for class


  • #2 pencils ( no pencils with plastic covering, glitter, etc. It ruins the eletric sharpener)
  • One 4subject notebook 
  • Color pencils, crayons, markers
  • 4 folders

Teacher Needs:

  • Tissues
  • #2 pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Hand sanitizer

Can Bring:

  • Personal pencil sharpener
  • ruler
  • Pens
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Binder

Do Not Bring:

  • Fidget spinners or any simular toy


Get 2 Months for $5!