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Spanish I Course expectations

Dear Parents and students,

¡Bienvenidos! I want to inform you about the Spanish I course requirements to encourage student’s success and responsibility. This course is designed to build useful and practical conversational and grammatical skills in Spanish and to increase your knowledge of the culture. Students’ appreciation and respect towards cultural diversity is a must. We will work on different projects throughout the year in which your technology skills will be of significant use.

Course Objective: This course is designed to continue sharpening your skills in the Spanish language and provide you with a solid foundation needed to be successful in the upper levels of Spanish. 


Students need to bring the following to every class session:

  1. Notebook, Descubre I textbook and workbook, Spanish First Year workbook, Fundamentals of Spanish workbook.
  2. Pencil/pen
  3. Index cards 3x5 and one packet loose leaf notebook paper (white ruled)
  4. English/Spanish Dictionary (optional)
  5. Pen Drive for classroom projects
  6. Good attitude



      Spanish I is a High School credit course therefore, daily attendance is essential. Students need to clear absences with the office before returning to class. Being absent won't excuse you from being prepared for the following class session. All assignments before the absence are due upon returning to the class including being ready for a quiz/exam. It’s the student’s responsibility to find out the assignment due for the following class session. Please let the teacher know prior to a planned absence or for an absence.

Make-ups: All quizzes and exams are recommended to be made up within ten days of any excused absence.

Laptop and Cell Phone Usage:


Cell phones may be use for instructional purposes only. Instructors will direct students to take out and put away their device as needed. At all other times, cell phones and ear buds should not be visible during the instructional period. Unauthorized cell phone use during class time may result in a discipline referral.



Language Translators and copying:


The use of a language translator or copying and pasting passages into an internet translating site is a form of cheating. The assignments given to you can always be completed with your textbook, notes from class and concepts already learned. It is obvious to the teacher when a student uses translators or outside reference materials. Also, copying from a neighbor’s test is cheating and will result in a “0”. Additionally, working “together” on a project/assignment does not mean that two identical papers are handed in and this too will result in a “0”


  Rules to be successful in this class:

-          Be in your seat and ready when class starts.

-          Be respectful, considerate, and courteous.

-          Always come prepared with all materials and have a positive attitude.

-          Participate and listen.

-         Do your homework and review daily.

-          All electronic devices must be turned off and put away before you enter the      


-          Food and drinks are not allowed, only bottled water.

-          Cooperation with all substitute teachers is mandatory.

-          Absolute Academic Honesty is expected.

-          Dismissal is by the teacher, not by the clock.


Grading system


Assessments (tests, quizzes, essays, projects) 65 %                                               


      Homework, and employability                        20 %

      Class participation                                         15 %            

 Important notes about assignments. Please, read carefully:

 Homework assignments that are incomplete will not be accepted.

If the student does not have the homework because of an unexcused absence on the day the work was assigned, or simply forgot to do it, the student will not receive credit for the assignment or homework on that day. The student will have the possibility to bring the homework the next day for only 50 % of credit.


If the student does not have the homework because an excused absence:

The student must complete the assignment within a week of the original due date.  Contact me previously to set a date and time.   After a week, if the student has not made up the assignment, I will enter a 0 % for that assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of this.  


Grades will be available on Cross Point or I can send you a progress report with your child at your request.  Please feel free to call or email me whenever you have any questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is through e-mail which is listed at the top of this page.




This is outlined in the Sarasota County HS progression plan and includes:


1.      Attendance

2.      Coming to school or class on time

3.      Bringing required work tools, such as paper, pen/pencil/textbooks, notebooks, etc.

4.      Maintenance of an assignment notebook or similar system

5.      Completion of homework

6.      Appropriate dress for class

7.      Attitude of cooperation with teacher and fellow students

8.      Time in class devoted to the appropriate tasks  


Contact information:

I am also available to help any students during 4th period (10:15 to 11:07). In case a student needs my assistance, please make sure you talk to me previously, so we can arrange for a meeting.

National Spanish Exam:  There is a fee of $7.00 to take the National Spanish exam. Please, send a check payable to Pine View School at your earliest convenience.













Please, read carefully. Sign, detach and return bottom portion of this form acknowledging that you have read it, understand it and accept the policies listed within this document.

I will uphold the honor code and I understand the consequences if I choose academic dishonesty.

Parent/guardian signature: ________________________ e-mail: ______________________

Parent phone number: _________________________________

Student name: _________________________ Period: __________________

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