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Every night you will be required to complete at least 15 minutes of reading and put it in your reading log. The rest of the homework assigned is optional, but completion of this homework could earn you up to 10 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS. These extra credit points could be added to Morning Work quizzes, Spelling/Word Work quizzes, or math quizzes (at the discretion of the teacher as to which assignment the extra credit will be applied to). You will not receive extra credit for completing the same activity more than one time (unless otherwise indicated). Each activity correctly completed will count as 1 extra credit point. For example, if you accurately complete five homework activities, you will receive 5 extra credit points. You are allowed to complete more than ten activities, but you will not receive more than 10 extra credit bonus points. If you have no work in your unfinished work folder, you may complete homework during any free time throughout the school day. All homework will be due on Friday of each week.   

Spelling/Word Work:


  1. Write each spelling word three times (may complete two separate times for two extra credit points)
  2. Take a practice quiz and have your parent check it (may complete two separate times for two extra credit points)
  3. Write one sentence for each word (you may not use a sentence that you wrote on your Word Work sheet)
  4. Write each spelling word with a definition next to it
  5. Find at least two more words for each affix - write the definition, and a sentence for these words
  6. Write your words in alphabetical order (may complete two separate times for two extra credit points)
  7. Triangle spelling once for each word. 




Math Work:

  1. IXL (https://www.ixl.com/signin/wves) This is a website that has a lot of good practice for math. I will send home a list each week of topics that are appropriate for students to work on. These topics will also be pasted onto my website. (Can complete up to 8 different activities) – Miss Bricker can check completion of these activities on her computer.
  2. Worksheet – Miss Bricker will send home at least one worksheet a week (each sheet sent home will be worth one extra credit point)
  3. Textbook – Miss Bricker may send home problems from the textbook and/or workbook (pages will be copies so students do not need to worry about carrying heavy textbooks)