The children will begin Chapter 17 (Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth) this week. They will learn that Jesus grew up in Nazareth with his Mother Mary and Foster Father Joseph.

Please have your child do the following pages noted for each day:

Wednesday (February 2nd):  Jesus grew up in a family - (pgs. 152-152)

Thursday (February 3rd):  Jesus, Mary, & Joseph showed their love for one another – (pgs. 153-154)

Friday (February 4th):  Weekly Booklet – Read & Discuss – (pages 155-156) and Let’s Celebrate – Project Disciple – (pgs. 157-158)

Please join us as we will be celebrating Mass at 8:00 a.m. by watching it being livestreamed from the Church on Friday, February 4th.


Wednesday (February 2nd):

Student Book (Lesson 3) – (pgs. 7-8)

Have your child complete these pages after you read the instructions provided at the bottom of each page to your child.

Practice Book:  Complete pages 67-68


Thursday (February 3rd):

Student Book (Lesson 4) – (pgs. 9-11)

Pg. 9 - Read the instructions at the bottom of this page.  Your child will need to listen to an audio recording on the parent/teacher portal and hear Ettabetta play a riddle with Tic, Tac, and Toc.  Your child will circle the word that answers the riddle for each picture.

Pg. 10 - Read the instructions at the bottom of this page. Have your child read the three words on each picture and circle the word that names the picture.

Pg. 11 – Explain that your child will color spaces on the puzzle different colors to reveal a hidden picture.  Point out the colored boxes and have your child read each word aloud to you. Ask them to identify the color of the box that has the word ‘elf’ in it (orange).  Explain that wherever they see a space in the puzzle with the word ‘elf’, they should color the space orange.  Repeat the same process for the remaining words.

Practice Book:  Complete pages 69-70


Friday (February 4th):

Student Book (Lesson 5) – (pgs. 12-13)

Pg. 12: Tell your child they are going to read a ‘riddle’ and solve it by reading each sentence and completing the last sentence with the dotted lines.  The riddles tell about the gift and your child will try to figure out what it is. Explain that one of the pictures at the bottom of the page is the answer.  Also, tell your child that the colored bars under the handwriting lines will help them check if their answer is correct by looking at the color of each letter and write that letter above the colored bars.

Pg. 13: Have your child read each of the two sentences noted by each picture and cross out the sentence that does not tell about the picture in each pair.



Wednesday (February 2nd):  Lesson 8-3 (Over, On, Under) - pgs. 277-280

Thursday (February 3rd):  (Check Your Progress - pgs. 281-282)

                                               Lesson 8-4 (Inside, Outside, Beside) – pgs. 283-286

Friday (February 4th):  Lesson 8-5 (In Front Of, Behind, Next To) – pgs. 287-290