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           I believe in maintaining a 21st Century Research Based Classroom which requires an extensive amount of technology. Front Row is our classroom and homework resource that we use on a daily basis which allows them to practice every Math and ELA standard with one click!  They also can watch videos that explains each problem, their progress, and they will also receive token rewards for their progress.  This site also records their data, gives instructional recommendations, and creates a report card for parents to see their child's progress. Each of my Learnes are required to log into their account twice a day, and have been given a password for their parents.  If you have not received your password to monitor your child's progress, please contact me immediately!


All Learners must copy & paste the link below to register for my classroom.  Next, they will create a user name in order to enter our digital classroom.  There is also a link for parents that will be sent to you after registering.  If you do not receive your link or have any other problems registering, please contact me immediately.

We also use Khan Academy and as resource for all subject areas as well!  The students will sometimes be required to watch a video or practice ELA skills for homework, but are given alternatives if unable to do so. 
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