Welcome to Mrs. Pope's Classroom


I am excited about this school year! I am delighted to have your child(ren) in my class and look forward to helping to expand their education.

It is my belief that education is an essential part of the development of children and will help to ensure they become engaged and productive individuals throughout their lives. Students should be encouraged through education to learn skills which will ensure their development outside of the educational environment. I believe as an educator it is my responsibility to provide a safe, open, and supportive environment for our children to develop the skills needed to foster a  postive relationship with others.


Educationally Yours,

Jacqueline M Pope

“Let us not think of education as the means of devolping our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private Hope and Dream which, fulfilled, can be tranlated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of our nation". President John F. Kennedy ( 35th President of United States)