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Hello parents and students,
The purpose of this site is to create an environment in which we can remain in contact in and out of the classroom. Each student will have their own page with their work linked to the page. This course is content based and the demand for reading material and taking notes is high. This page is a way to provide an alternative to the text book. As we progress through the year please refer to the individual pages that cover the eras of history that the we are exposed to in this course. For example, "Cold War" page. The eras of history have there own page and this is where students and parents can find assignments, both past and present. Most work will be linked through word document files on their pages and they can be editted and reviewed throughout the year. The students individual page is designed to be their E-Portfolio and this will be counted as a semester test grade. Please feel free to browse the site and get to know where things are located.

Mr. Meador

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