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Cold War

We are now back from spring break and moving into era 9 of our history course. In this era we will focus a great deal on the Cold War, and Civil Rights.
9.1.1- Recognize differences among the victorious Allied Powers after WWII.
9.2.1- Distinguish social inequalities in America in the post-WWII era.
9.3.1- locate and label countries, using a map, dominated and threatened by communism.
9.4.1- Recognize the impact of technological and cultural changes on American society.
9.5.2- Identify areas associated with containment policies.
9.6.2- recognize the domestic impact of the Cold War on American society.

Chapter 16 Syllabus, Notes, Quizzes, and additional links-
 C16 syll.docx 16-1notes.pptx 16-2 notes.pptx
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